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Fishermen leader in hiding after threats
Sri Lankan leader of World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP) has urged authorities to guarantee his safety following death threats after fishermen's protest against recent fuel price increase.
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Discussion on 25 March on Clayton Campus in Australia
People for Human Rights and Equality (PHRE) cordially invite you to its annual public forum on the state of Human Rights in Sri Lanka and South Asia. This year’s forum is on the theme ‘Democracy and Rule of Law in Sri Lanka
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The full statement by Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe to the UNHR
I am honoured and privileged to be able to once again share with this august body, Sri Lanka’s experience in promoting and protecting the human rights of its people, in accordance with universally accepted standards.
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The system works here in Hong Kong, Sir; it is the system operators that have failed in Sri Lanka -- a reply to a presidential advisor
One of the advisors to the Sri Lankan president went to Vavuniya last Saturday (February 25) to talk to the people displaced by 'the war' and was interviewed by a BBC correspondent. The presidential advisor told the correspondent that the displaced people in Vavuniya had not received as much benefit as the people in the same situation of Jaffna as those in Jaffna are educated and are able to make demands, while those in Vavuniya are not able to do the same. He was questioned about the complaints of the civil servants who also aired their grievances at the meeting stating that they do not have the basic facilities and means to do their jobs. To this the presidential advisor replied that the administration that the British left does not work anywhere and that is the problem
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Wijeyadasa Rajapakse elected Bar Assn. president
Wijeyadasa Rajapakse has been elected president of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka at its annual election of office-bearers. At today’s (Feb. 22) election, he received 1,297 votes, while his challenger Tirantha Waraliyadde obtained only 676 votes.
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Is shooting at peaceful demonstrators a government policy
Mr. Rajitha Seneratne, the Cabinet Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, when answering a question to a BBC Sinhala Service correspondent regarding the shooting of a fisherman at a peaceful demonstration in Chilaw stated that the shooting of demonstrators is a usual practice of the Sri Lankan police. Sri Lankan policemen have shot demonstrators in the past beginning from the 1953 Hartal protest and ever since. The minister was thus, attempting to excuse the government from its responsibility for the shooting and also point out that no action will follow relating to the killing of Anthony Fernando, the young fisherman who was shot dead while demonstrating the increase in the price of diesel and kerosene which affects the fishermen.
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Judicial Intervention To Control Lawful Rallies
When court orders are frequently obtained by the police to restrain lawful protests and meetings, the public begin to wonder whether there is any legal basis for such actions, particularly when the Constitution guarantees freedom of association and freedom of speech. From colonial days until recently Sri Lanka has not seen the police making such unusual applications to courts to prevent mass protests, processions, strikes or peaceful meetings through judicial orders. This article is intended to examine some of the key legal provisions in this regards.
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Abductors threaten the Supreme Court
We wish to bring to your notice the abduction of Ramasamay Prabhakaran, 42, who was bundled into a white van by seven men armed with assault rifles and hand guns. This was two days before a fundamental rights case filed by him was to be taken up.
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The state propaganda machinery's role in creating a brain dead nation
Not only the content but also the style of the propaganda issued by the state media is aimed at dulling the minds and discouraging independent thought within the nation.Basil Fernando
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Can GOSL implement LLRC recommendations?
This is the question of the day. This is raised nationally and internationally and answers contrast for different reasons. In this article, I endeavor to briefly answer this question from a governance perspective, keeping in mind the present socio-political realities in Sri Lanka.
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Independence without justice - A Statement from the Asian Human Rights Commission
The 64th commemoration of Sri Lanka's independence takes place at the time when the country's justice system is in a hopeless crisis. The abuse of the judicial process for political reasons has created doubts about the independence of the judiciary itself. The government shows no will to respect the rule of law. The police and the Attorney General's Department are immersed in problems that seem to defy any kind of genuine improvement. Where is justice to be found? This is the question that everyone is asking but no one is able to provide a credible answer.
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School going child missing after torture by principal
Mohamad Rasul (11) is a resident of No: 33/05, Palliyawatte, Poruthota, Koshshikade. Rasul was a student of Palanguthura Al-Fala School. On the 19 January after being subjected to severe torture by the principle Rasul was expelled from the school at 12.30 pm. Up to now Rasul remains missing. The officers attached to the Kochcikade Police Station is refusing to accept or investigate the complaint made by his mother.
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Independence Day Message of Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe
In our reflections last year on the commemoration of independence we emphasised with much concern that the sixty third commemoration of our Independence can be meaningful only by creating an environment where all people alike will be able to live without fear or suspicion and without any hesitation, they will have to feel and believe that they are a valuable and a useful part of this country. Further that they need to have the freedom of expression and movement, together with all necessary background to live peacefully and independently in our country. It is now for us to evaluate our performance in the past year.
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Police denied justice to the student who was fatally assaulted
Mr. Kaluthanthrige Jesus Deneicios Fernando (15), of No: 22/30, Asarappa Road, Asarappa Watte, Negombo was a grade 10 student of St. Peter's Central College, Negombo. On 25 August 2011, at 7 pm Jesus went to buy dinner for his home from the nearby restaurant at Periyamulla in Negombo named the Anser HotelHe was accompanied by one of his friends. When his friend wanted to park his bicycle which they used to go there, in front of the restaurant, a staff member of the restaurant refused them permission
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In January alone 170 deaths due to road accidents and many deaths due to dengue
On January 28 alone there were 17 deaths due to road accidents. This led to the police issuing a notice that the 28th was the date on which the most number of fatal accidents had occurred. Despite of the usual claim by the police that they will take stern action against errant drivers their incapacity to control the roads was manifest when an Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) allegedly released the 22 year-old nephew of a Deputy Minister who caused two deaths and injured several other persons when he collided with three separate motorcycles. He is said to have been severely inebriated at the time.
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Conviction under the Torture Act
On January 26, 2012, the former OIC of Polpithigama Police was convicted under the torture Act by the High Court of Kurunegala. Wijeratne, the former OIC of Polpithigama Police Station, was sentenced to two years rigorous imprisonment and was ordered to pay Rs. 25,000/- as compensation to Sujith Priyantha, torture victim.
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Lawyer's rights at police stations to be gazetted
The Attorney General had informed the Supreme Court that steps were being taken by the Police Department to gazette the regulations covering the rights of Attorneys-at-Law to represent their clients at police stations.Deputy Solicitor General Shavindra Fernando also moved for a three month period finalise it.
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The Disappearance of the ‘Shrine’
Shrine of the Innocents (The Shrine), a memorial made for those lives lost in 1988-1991 massacres in the south of Sri Lanka, is being erased. I as the designer and maker of this monument thought I should record my thoughts on this DIS]APPEARANCE of the Shrine, which in a way, is actually a [RE] APPEARENCE of a monument which is much more relevant, and symptomatic of the civil and political society of Colombo| Sri Lanka or of Sri Lanka in general.
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UNHRC Wants SL to Investigate and Prosecute “Murderers” of Peiris By Kishali Pinto Jayawardene
The continuing failure of Sri Lanka’s institutions of justice is well demonstrated in the most recent Views of the Geneva based United Nations Human Rights Committee (UN Committee) calling upon the Sri Lankan State to effectively investigate and prosecute the murderers of a small time businessman in Negombo after he, his wife and their two children had been repeatedly intimidated and threatened by police officers whom they had angered. The Committee was responding to an Individual Communication filed by the deceased’s wife Pathmini Peiris Shrewd foreign affairs policy at one time It is necessary first to give some background to this discussion
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Tortured & laid with a false charge by the Wattala Police
Sisil Weerasinghe (48) is married, the father of two daughters and a retired soldier. Sisil, who resides at No: 212/1, Woodland Estate, Colombo Road, Chilaw is disabled as the result of injuries to the right leg and hand in a battle during July 1992. Following his partial recovery Sisil was removed from operational duties and given light duties. He retired from the service in 2007 and later worked as a private security guard attached to the Peoples Bank.
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An open letter to the Attorney General
The Asian Human Rights Commission has learned of your decision to take over the prosecution of a Private Plaint filed in the Magistrate's Court of Panadura, without the consent of the Complainant of the said case, upon an application and representations made by and on behalf of the Accused who is a Superintendent of Police. The case bears No. 92368 (Private Plaint)
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