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UNHRC holds that the government is responsible for the death of Sugath Nishanta
The United Nations Human Rights Committee has issued its determination regarding the complaint made by a Sri Lankan citizen, A.S.S. Pathmini Peiris, in connection with the murder of S.K.A. Sugath Nishanta Fernando who was assassinated on 20 September 2008.
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The Sun will not shine on a country where impunity reigns ! PROTEST MEETING
A Protest Meeting will be held to mark the 3rd Death Anniversary of the senior journalist Lasantha Wickramathunga on Wednesday, 11th January 2011, 4 pm @ J.R.Jayewardene Centre, Colombo 7. This meeting will be organized by the Platform for Freedom, a coalition of civil society organizations and public spirited citizens.
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The report of the Commission of Inquiry on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation - the issuing of the report is a non-event - A Statement from the AHRC
There was no reason to expect much from the report of the LLRC as this commission had no mandate to investigate and to file a report on the basis of investigations. It was a mere commission of gathering some views but even in that the people who were most affected, that is those who are from the north and the east, did not have genuine freedom to give a narrative of what they knew about what had happened to them and those known to them.
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The statement made by Mohan Peiris regarding attorney-at-law Amitha Ariyarathne is false – Right to Life Statement
The statement by Mr. Mohan Peiris, former attorney general and head of the Sri Lankan Government delegation to the Committee against Torture in Geneva, that no complaint has been filed with respect to the assault and arson attack on the office of senior lawyer Mr. Amitha Ariyarathne is false and a (deliberate) distortion of facts. At the time of the attack, Mr. Ariyarathne was a member of the Right to Life legal team.
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Mohan Peiris has deluded the Highest Committee of the UN
The Statement made by the Former Attorney-General at the the United Nation Committee Against The Torture, saying that the Government has information as the Media man Pradeep Ekneligoda is living under Political asylum in a foreign country is a deluding of the United Nation’s highest Committee as well as the Sri Lankan People, stated Mr Siritunga Jayasooriya, the Secretary of The United Socialist Party, yesterday at Media gathering held in CSR Institute of Maradana, in Colombo.
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Petition to HE.President Requesting Fair Investigation into the Murder of Shivakumar
Although, the drama of the Grees Yaka which is one terror among many which were prevailing in the Sri Lanka during the past have been somewhat controlled, the question of “by whom under whose requirement have they committed?” has not been uncovered to the country. However, this Grees Yaka has dislocated the peoples activities in several areas in the country, including losses of some lives. One such victim who had to face into such an incident after which he had to compensate by the life was Perumal Sivakumar of Narakkalliya in Kalpitiya who was an active member of Human Rights Committee in those area.
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Negombo HQI was given bail by the High Courts
A couple has looted some cash, gems, and jewellary from a house in Kohuwla which belonged to a High ranking Police Officer. Later, the couple has been arrested in Negombo area along with the looted Items. Now a case has been filed against the Negombo HQI along with three police officers in the same police station, under 13 charges including the charges of keeping the arrested couple in the illegal custody for bout 1 week, making them disappeance for about 1 week without subjecting them into legal procedure and keeping the case items which they had taken into custody in their possession and utilizing/using without submitting them into the judiciary.
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Alliance of Civil organizations along with the clergies against the waves of Crimes in Negombo
A basic discussion on the waves of uprising crimes in Negombo area and specially in the district of Gampaha, and the steps could be taken with respects of weakness of the legal procedure against the this crime, were being held at the Right To Life Institute. Many leaders of civil organizations who are actively functioning in the area, of Catholic Clergies and several Sisters participated to the discussion.
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Businessman was assaulted, death threatened publicly by 2 drunken police officers of Maravila police station
Chulani Thilakathne, proprietor of Ushani Plant Nursery in Maravila has made a complain recently to the Human Rights commission against two Police Officers of Marawila Police Station regarding the keeping him several hours in the police custody, after subjecting him into inhuman torturing. Here the suspects are Edirisinghe the Sub Inspector of Marawila Police station and the Sergeant Ranpati of the same police station. On 17th October 2012, at bout 9.00 p.m. while he was going home on his Motor Bike he has waited at the Dhammissara National School since he received a mobile call and has being answering a to the call. By that time 2 drunken police officers had come there on a motor bike and had stopped their bike in front of him in the road crossing position and shouting in filthy words has assaulted Mr Thilkrthne. Then with the thought of they are robbers, he has gone to the close by shop. The people there had attempted to save him but one of the two who were in civvies has pointed a pistol to Thilakrthne’s head and has said that they are from the police.( He was Mr Edirisinghe the Sub Inspector of Maravila Police Station) Then Thilkrthne has stated that he is not a thief and has not done any wrong, and has requested them to leave him. Then the police officers has said “ You seek them from the Courts tomorrow, now come to the police station”. Thereafter he has been handcuffed by those two drunken police officers and has been taken to the Maravila Police Station where he was kept in the remand cell for several hours. While he was in the remand cell he had not been permitted to inform the incident to the home.
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Arbitrary Blocking and Registration of Websites: The Continuing Violation of Freedom of Expression on the Internet
9th November 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka: We the undersigned civil society organisations and individuals express grave concern over the press release issued by the Director General of the Department of Government Information on 5th November 2011, which requires all ‘websites carrying any content relating to Sri Lanka or the people of Sri Lanka… uploaded from Sri Lanka or elsewhere’ to ‘register’ for ‘accreditation.’ We also condemn the actions of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) that has, according to a Sunday Times news report, moved to block a number of specific websites in line with this. While it is unclear whether the two measures are part of a single initiative or not, they represent an unacceptable incursion into free expression in Sri Lanka.
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he 47th Session of CAT -- the government makes empty statements without firm commitments to halt violations - AHRC
Yesterday (November 8, 2011) the government delegation gave the state report relating to the questions raised by the Committee against Torture (CAT) at the 47th Session of the CAT Committee. Mr. Mohan Peiris, a former Attorney General and now an advisor to the government presented the report. After making the report the committee members raised a large number of questions for which they sought answers from the government delegation. The government is expected to answer these questions today (November 9).
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The Annual Conference of ICAED in Geneva
The annual conference of ICAED (International Committee Against Enforced Disappearances) commenced today the 7th of November 2011 at John Knox center in Geneva and will be held till 10th of November. Many organizations who involve against disappearances will take part from all over the world and the discussion will mainly focus how the UN convention against enforced disappearances can be ratified and implemented in the countries. The Families of the Disappeared from Sri Lanka also participated.
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12 Alternative reports have been submitted on torture in Sri Lanka,
12 Alternative reports have been submitted on torture in Sri Lanka, , by national and International Human Rights Organizations. to the 47th session of the UNCAT which will be held in Geneva on 8th and 9th of November , 2011. Amnesty International, Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), International Committee of Jurists (ICJ), Freedom from Torture, International Disable Alliance, IDA, LRD Canada, Tamil International Center, Trial Switzerland, Redress UK submitted their own reports while ALRC ( Hong Kong ), ACAT- (France), RCT (Denmark) and REDRESS - (UK) and 9 local organizations from Sri Lanka submitted two separate reports. 23 organizations have submitted 12 reports.
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Destroying monuments for those killed & disappeared: The Catholic Church and the Sri Lankan Government By Ruki Fernando
On the evening of 26th October 2011, Fr. Srilal Manoj Perera (appointed by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith to be in charge of land issues for Archdiocese of Colombo), Fr. Prasad Perera, Parish Priest of St. Cecelia’s Church, Raddoluwa (in the Colombo Archdiocese), members of the Parish Council and a lawyer representing them, took the unprecedented step of requesting that the Police destroy a nationally and internationally recognized monument for disappeared persons situated in the Raddolugama-Seeduwa junction in the Gampaha district in Sri Lanka. This was on the eve of the 21st annual commemoration for disappeared persons held annuallyon the 27th of October at the site of the monument, with the participation of families of disappeared persons, religious leaders, political leaders, human rights activists and concerned citizens.
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An Open Letter from the Asian Human Rights Commission to His Eminence, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith
We are writing to bring to your notice an action by some priests, namely, Rev. Father Prasad Perera the Parish priest of of the church at Raddoluwa Junction and Fr. SriLal Manoj Perera, the Bishop's property caretaker, who were accompanied by a lawyer made a request to the Seeduwa Police to demolish the monument for the disappeared erected at Raddoluwa, Seeduwa.
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AFAD Press Statement - Attempts to Destroy Monument of the Disappeared, A Grievous Offense Against Victims and Their Families
The Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) joins the Sri Lankan families of the disappeared victims in remembering their loved ones subjected to disappearances during the annual commemoration at the Monument for the Disappeared in Raddoluwa Junction in Seeduwa., Sri Lanka. This year is the 21st commemoration of the Monument. Between 1987 and 1991, disappearances in Sri Lanka had reached 30,000. These proportions and the failure of the Sri Lankan government to address the alarming occurrence of disappearances and prosecute perpetrators led to the construction of the Monument for the Disappeared in 1991.
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The Monument for the Disappeared and the commemoration in Sri Lanka - A Statement by the AHRC
Large numbers of persons will gather at the Monument for the Disappeared at Raddoluwa Junction, Seeduwa today (October 27, 2011) to pay their respects to the disappeared persons in Sri Lanka and to demand justice on their behalf. This is annual event which has been since 1991 after the bodies of two persons were found near the site where the monument was erected. The formal erection of the monument started in 1999 and it was declared open on February 4, 2000.
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Catholic Church Requests to Demolish the Monument for the Disappeared at Seeduwa
As agreed we both parties were present at the Seeduwa Police station to inquire about the complain made by the Parish priest, Rev. Father Prasad Perera against the Families of the Disappeared ( FOD) . The complaint was that the land in which the monument is, belongs to the Bishop and if anything is constructed that FOD has to take permission from the Bishop. The parish priest, Fr. SriLal Manoj Perera , Bishop’s property caretaker, Lawyer Mr. Quintus Tissera were present from the complainant side with some members of the church committee.
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SRI LANKA: Reports from 12 organisations to the CAT
The United Nations Committee against Torture is due to examine the Sri Lankan government's performance under the CAT Convention on November 8 and 9, 2011. The government has submitted its report and the CAT Committee has in turn submitted a long list of questions to the government. These questions are to be answered when it meets the government meets the Committee. After the government makes its report the Committee members usually ask further questions by way of clarification. The Committee will then make its recommendations.
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Keerthirathn of Anamaduwa, who was inpolice custody for 3 month, files a Human Rights case.
R H M Keerthirathna of Surathkulama in Anamaduwa who had been taken into custody and kept in remand custody for 3 months due to a misunderstanding of names has filed a Human Rights case at the Supreme Courts stating that his Basic Human Rights had been violated.. This petition was filed on behalf of Saman, by a group of lawyers including Mr.Upul Kumarapperuma, Attony –at-law. Rajakaruna MudiyanselageKeerthirathne of saurathkulama,Mudalankuliya was a father of 2 children. He was a patient who has being unconscious by time to time due to a injuries in his head caused /by a serious road accident he had met with 5 years ago.
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The Appeal Against the Acquitting the Suspects of Saman Thilakasiri Murder Case Also Abolished
The murder case of Saman Thilakasiri, of 4 th Palama, Moragaha pallama, Inginiyagala,who had died while he was taken to the police station, by 2 police officers, making him seated between them, on a motor bike, after the arrest by three police officers on 21st February,2010 at Inginiyagala were heard at Ampara Magistrate’s Courts under B/6802 and concluding the case the verdict was given as it was not a murder, and the accused police officers were acquitted and released.
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