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Complaints against police pile up
Hundreds of public complaints against police officers submitted to the National Police Commission (NPC) are piling up because the Commission is no longer functioning, a senior NPC official said yesterday. NPC Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray said the powers and functions of the NPC were drastically reduced since the introduction of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution with most of the duties and powers earlier vested in the NPC being now handled by the Public Services Commission and the Police Chief.
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If any illegal act is done by a Lower rank officer on the orders of a higher officer, he personally is responsible for the offence. -Deputy Solicitor General says.
‘A Lower officer must have the strength to refuse to carry out any illegal orders given by their higher ranked officers. If any illegal act was done by someone saying that it is on the request of the higher officers, he himself must be responsible without distinguished as High or Low’. Stated Mr Jayantha Jayasooriya, the Deputy Solicitor General giving the oration of the Complainant’s side before the three Judges at the murder case hearing against four officers including former OIC of police, accusing that the two youths were abducted and killed by them.
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Katunayake shooting incident -All lawyers take the side of the Defendants;
"The Police station was attacked from several sides with stones and other things. Then the police officers released tear gas. But they were not seemed to be controlled. Warsps were upsetted by the tear gas and stinged the police officers and the civil officers. At that same time I heard the noise of shooting". Stated Mr Adikari Wijayananda Silva, the Assistant Superintendent of Police in Negombo, giving evidence at the court hearing on the Magistrate”s Investigation on the Post Mortem conducted on the garment employee’s death that took place due to shooting by the Police.
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Suspect Police Officers of David Amarasinghe Murder Case Released
David Amarasingha murder case whose death occurred after the arresting by the Kirindiwela police, against W S Kulasooriya Sub Inspector of police and Luksman Silva Police Constable were called on for hearing before MrAravinda Perera the Pugoda Magistrate and Additional Divisional Judge, at the Pugoda Magistrates. court. without the accused police officers on 16th June 2011 and further hearing was postponed to 4th august 2011. At present, the case against the two police officers has been suspended and they have been acquitted and released without subjecting them into any condition, under an order of the Appeal Court.
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Report on 323 cases of police torture in Sri Lanka - AHRC PRESS RELEASE
The Asian Human Rights Commission which has documented over 1500 cases of torture and ill treatment by the Sri Lankan police has now compiled a report of 323 cases. In this presentation Mr. Basil Fernando, the Director of Policy and Programmes explains the causes of police torture in Sri Lanka and the consequences of having a policing system that has lost its internal control structure. Fernando also explains how the CAT Act, Act No 22 of 1994 is no longer being implemented in the country and how there is no credible complaint mechanism or witness protection law available to the citizens. The overall consequence of losing a law-based policing system is the creation of extra-legal measures to control crime. These extra-legal measures include torture, and extra-judicial killings. "Wide spread torture is only a symptom of the much larger problem of lawlessness created by the operation of 1978 constitution", tells Fernando.
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Release The police officers in custody immediately - the appeal courts order Pugoda Magistrate
The appeal courts ordered the Magistrate yesterday (16 June) to release immediately the two police officers who are in the custody on behalf of the case of Mr Daid Amarasinghe of Kirindiwela, whose death had occurred while in the police custody. The appeal courts has ordered the Pugoda Magistrate not to continue the courts proceedings against the two police officers with regards to the death of David Amarasinghe and release them without subjecting them to any condition.
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Orders to Send the Fire Arms and Ammunition related to Katunayake FTZ shooting incident to the Government Analyst
The two police officers who were arrested as the suspects with regard to the shooting at the workers of Katunayake FTZ, who protested against the proposed pension Bill, were produced at the Negombo Magistrates Courts on 13th June 2011, amidst heavy guard. There, 26 case items including 8 T-56 fire arms and empty cartridges were produced at the Jurisdiction as evidence of the case items, along with the suspects and Mrs.Dulani S Weerathunga the Additional Magistrates of Negombo ordered to send those items of the case to the Government’s analyst and to obtain his report. It was reported that 12 out of 16 workers of the FTZ of Katunayake had been called to give evidence were present and the absent witnesses warned to be present at the next hearing day.
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Directors Of Ragama Hospital Warned By The Human Rights Commission
‘’If a complain is received saying that a person is taken into police custody, the officers of Human Rights Commission will visit that place without prior notice and having no documents to prove their identity. This procedure is followed to know the true situation of the complainant’’- Chairman of Human Rights Commission Mr Priyantha Perera. 10th June 2011. Lankadeepa.
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Five hundred days since the forced disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda - AHRC Statment
Five hundred days after the disappearance of journalist and cartoonist, Prageeth Eknaligoda, the family and friends of Prageeth as well as media organizations and human rights organizations took to the streets to demand for inquiries into his disappearance. A serious transformation has taken place in the criminal justice system of Sri Lanka. Under the present system the obligation for the government to investigate all suspected crimes does no longer exists. The people of Sri Lanka do not have any legal protection against crimes. The result is a very fortunate situation for the criminals and a very ghastly one for the people. In this short video presentation Basil Fernando discusses this important and dangerous transformation and calls on all to demand a deep reorganization of the criminal justice system of Sri Lanka.
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Magistrate pulled up by appeal court
The Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that Pugoda Magistrate W. Aravinda Perera had acted contrary to law by not complying with the instructions of the Attorney General to release two suspect police officers of the Kirindiwela police station due to lack of evidence. Appeal Court President Sathya Hettige PC and Justice Upali Aberatna made this observation while ordering the Magistrate to unconditionally release the two police personnel remanded in Mahara prison and issued notice on the Pugoda Magistrate to appear in court on June 27. The court made this direction following a writ application filed by Sub Inspector W. Francis Kulasuriya and Constable Dewmuni Lakshman de Silva of the Kirindiwela police station. Contd. from A1
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More Protests at Katunayaka
Employees, trade unions, non-governmental organisations have staged several demonstrations in the Katunayaka Free Trade Zone (FTZ) area in protest against the death of 24 year old FTZ worker, Roshen Shenaka. A picket was held at the Airport junction organized by Negombo solidarity group from 15.00 to 17.30. The "Brandix" workers were there at 1430 and they were joined by catholic and Christian priests, nuns, fisherman and other human rights activists. The workers were chanting slogans against police, "Chase away the police dogs""We do not want police dogs".( Police ballo elawapiyaw” Police ballo apita epa”.
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Situation Report FTZ struggle
30th Monday Ø Deputy Minister Sarath Gunarathna, MP Sudarshani Fernando pulle with Nimal Lanza, Minister Western Provincial Council went to the FTZ, distribute some leaflets, supporting the Pension bill and demanding Rs. 2000 salary increase for workers. They did put up some posters also. Ø As the Minister of Labour, Gamini Lokuge in a discussion held with the workers in the Katunayake zone had declared few days before, the government is withdrawing the bill temporally and the FTZ s will be excluded from the scheme, the workers get panicked and come out from the factories. Ø Then the clash begins. The Police crashed into some factories, attack the workers, damages the properties and hold the workers inside the factories without making them leave. So the villagers breaks the wall and cut the wire fence to take the workers out. The villagers and the vendors in the fare ( Pola) closing all the stores, come and help the workers to come out and getting admitted to the hospitals. Three wheeler drivers in the area also did some great helping work. Ø The government claims JVP thugs were behind the fight. But others say some supporters of Wimal Weerawansa’s thugs were there to attack the workers.
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Who gave the orders to use live bullets on protesters at Katunayake – AHRC Statement
The government of Sri Lanka has announced the appointment of a one-man commission to inquire into the shooting at Katunayake on May 30, where, according to reports over 200 persons were injured when police opened fire against demonstrators using live ammunition. About 20 workers are reported to have been critically wounded and are being treated at hospitals. The protests were part of an Island-wide campaign against a proposed law endangering the provident fund of the workers of the private sector. In the aftermath of the shooting the government announced that the bill will not be presented to the parliament. The use of live ammunition has come under public condemnation, even from some of the government ministers. The one-man commission of inquiry was appointed in answer to such criticism.
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No to the Military Training to The University new Students
A public rally will be held on Monday, 30th March at 1600 at J.R.Jayawardana center, Colombo 7, organized by” Platform for Freedom” ( PfF ) to protest against the military training to the University students and to support the struggle of University academic staff, The leaders from UNP, TNA, DPF, LRF and USP will address with some speakers representing the Civil Organizations. JVP and Inter University student’s movement also have been invited to address the meeting
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A Petition to President, requesting to handover the inquiry into murder to CID
A petition has been sent to his Excellency president requesting to order the CID to take over the inquiry regarding the death of victim David Amarasingha of Papiliyawela, Siyabalawatta,, who died on 13th of August 2010, while under Kirindiwela Police custody. The petition signed by the victim’s relatives and the villagers about 150, had stated that they have no faith about the inquiries conducted by Kirindiwela Police against the accused Police officers of the same Police station and requested that the inquiries should be handed over to the CID.
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Severely assaulted by the Inginiyagala Police again
On 4 April 2011 he was at Ambagahawela, Paragahakelle in the village along with a few other villagers. As it was the New Year celebration period several villagers were playing cards. At around 11pm several police officers including Police Constable (PC) Roshan, Police Sergeant (PS) Lal, Weerakoon , Chaminda, Karu of the Civil Defense Force all attached to the Inginiyagala Police Station arrived and started to brutally assault the persons in that place with batons. The victims of this assault suffered multiple injuries. Upali was among the injured. Then the police officers arrested Upali and six others and brought them to the police stations at about 2.00 a.m. Then they were detained in cells and later officers forced the detainees to sign documents those were not recorded from them. The content of the documents were not explained nor were they allowed to read them.
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ITN Journalist arrested and severely tortured
ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION-URGENT APPEAL PROGRAMME - According to the information the Asian Human Rights Commission received Mr. Niroshan Premaratne, a professional journalist attached to the Independent Television Networks (ITN) of Wickremasinghe Pura, Battaramulla was subject to arbitrary assault by two police officers at the Panadura Police Station on 8 May 2011. In the morning Niroshan had gone to participate at a family event at Wadduwa with his wife and his brother-in-law following which they travelled back to Colombo in his vehicle. Some officers of the Motor Traffic Unit of the Panadura Division pulled him over on charges of driving his vehicle while disobeying Police orders. But Niroshan states that he did not see the signal which the police officers said they had given him. Instead of carrying out the necessary investigations after taking him to the Panadura Police Station the officers tried to lock up him in the cell. When Niroshan tried to inform his senior management of the situation using his wife's mobile phone two officer of the Motor Traffic Unit brutally assaulted him. This assault was witnessed by his wife and brother-in-law.
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A Huge protest against proposed Pension scheme at FTZ Katunayake
A Huge protest against proposed Pension scheme at FTZ Katunayake Nearly all the factory workers about 30000 to 40000 struck work, came on to the street, protested and blocked the Negombo- Colombo main road and the Airport road from about 10.00am until 5.00 pm. The workers were demanding to amend the proposed scheme to safeguard their benefits or to withdraw it. The workers were so angry due to the way the government was trying to rush it through the parliament without giving sufficient discussions to the Trade unions and enough time to have a good study on it.
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Creating a World Record by releasing a prisoner 18 times under the General Clemency
The Government had stated that 2600 prisoners who have been imprisoned for minor offences, who could not pay their fines, would be released in respect of 2600th year Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Celebration. It has been reported that on Last 17th of May 858 prisoners from various prisons in Sri Lanka were released under the said general clemency.
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4 Chairmen have been appointed for 4 Commissions
According to the powers vested on H.E. the President by the new constitutional amendment, 4 chairmen and other officers have been appointed for 4 commissions. It is being reported that their appointments which were made by the Hon. President will be effective from 16th May 2011.
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Have a knowledge about the Criminal Investigation method in Sri Lanka
A person who is having a part of a name or a village of a suspect or a warrantee wanted by the police he/she can get a good experience as to how successfully the Criminal Investigation procedure is being happening in Sri Lanka. Sometimes it can be the turning point of his/her life. Such an incident in which the name had been mistaken and an innocent person had been taken into police custody was reported recently at the area of Surakkulama, Mudhalannuliya in Anamaduwa. Rajakaruna Herath Mudiyanselage Keerthirathna was a father of two children. He was a patient who was getting unconscious from time to time, due to the head injuries caused from a road accident he had met 5 years ago. According to a conflict among two parties in Anamaduwa area in the year 2010, the police had produced to the courts some personals involved to that incident. One suspect in that case was Rajakaruna Mudiyandelage Keerthi Jayarathne and after the failure of arresting the suspect, the police in place of that suspect has arrested Rajakaruna Mudiyandelage Keerthirathn on 11th January 2011.
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