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13 year old school child is beaten by a teacher
13 year-old school child was beaten by his class teacher in full view of the other students of his class. The parents of the child and others demonstrated in front of the school and the educational authorities promised to take action. However, to date no such action has taken place. The perpetrator is still working at the same school under the Ministry of Education. This case is one of many where teachers enjoy impunity for their brutal treatment of the children in their care.
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CPA Statement on the new Regulations under the Prevention of Terrorism Act
23 September 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) condemns the government’s decision to perpetuate a number of the most widely used Emergency Regulations, such as those relating to detainees, purported ‘surrendees’ and local authorities, in the form of regulations under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). We believe that the reintroduction of regulations of this nature, just over a week after the President declared that the need for the state of emergency no longer exists, is dishonest and wholly incongruent with the President’s promises to Parliament. Further, it will lead to disillusionment among the public who were led to believe that the end of emergency meant the country would now function “democratically under the ordinary law.”
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Continuous delays in prosecuting the persons accused of assaulting the V FM journalist
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that VFM, one of the Sri Lanka's leading national electronic media institutions networks, journalist Mr. Ruwan Sugathadasa of Gangaarama Road, Boralesgamuwa in the Colombo District was assaulted by an unknown group of people on 2 September 2011. Ruwan is a journalist by profession and the Managing Director of 'VFM'. Later he was admitted to the South Colombo Teaching Hospital for treatment. Later Police Headquarters announced that two suspects had been arrested and produced before the Magistrate's Court of Nugegoda along with a car allegedly used by the assailants. But still the prosecution has not yet started. The government has shown no interest in prosecuting the alleged perpetrators. The situation of the freedom of expression in the country is in peril. The fate of journalist is in dangers. The victim, his relatives and the society as a whole are waited to see justice done in this brutal attack. This case is yet another illustration of the exceptional collapse of the rule of law in the country.
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No one knows whether these are true or false – W. Jayasiri
Today we can often see blacking out scenes of most of the films which are telecasted on Jathika Rupawahini. If lovers come closer to each other then the seen is blacked out. If there is a scene of drinking alcohol, suddenly it is blacked out. Could we stop drinking arrack or smoking by such kind of blacking out? In the past, scoundrel is the one who drink & smoke not the hero. generally the hero of the film is the one, who is very innocent , who does not drink or smoke. That was the way of growing good morals in society then but Not by blacking out films. Although we can hear ‘pirith’ from early in the morning to evening, does Sri Lanka become a paradise?
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Police file two fabricated charges against a woman after illegal arrest and torture
Ms. Weerawila Gamage Sepalika (40) was illegally arrested and severely tortured by the police officers attached to the Ambalantota Police Station on 18 May 2011. Four police officers in plain clothes came to her house and carried out an illegal searched as not warrant had been issued. Sepalika was alone in the house and when she tried to prevent the officers from entering she was severely assaulted, arrested and brought to the police station. This case is yet another illustration of the exceptional cruelty and blatant abuse of authority by the police.
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Another Torture by Victimisations by the Kirindiwella police
Kirindiwella police station in Gampaha district is notorious for assaulting & killing innocents. The latest victim of this police station is Mr.Chaminda Sarath Kumara who lives in Pepiliwela. On the 24, August 2011 the police went to his place to arrest him due to a family problem. When the police were there, Chaminda fall down & his head was injured. Ice was applied & then the bleeding was stopped. Then Chaminda was taken to the Kirindiwella police station. He was then seriously assaulted by the police. After all, he was admitted by the police to Randawana hospital. That same night the police took a phone call to one of the neighbors’ houses, informed that Chaminda was seriouse, was admitted to hospital & asked to visit him as soon as possiable. When the family members & Chaminda’s wife went there they were asked by the police to state that Chaminda was admitted by them. But they refused to say so. After that, hospital administration was forced to mention that Chaminda was admitted by the family members.
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Repreasentative conference for a common measure against forced disapearence
As the world was celebrating the international forced disapperence day, it was held a conference for building a common measure against all kinds of forced disappearences on the 30th of August 2011, in National estate labour hall, Rajagiriya, Colombo. Family members of the victims of desappearance from north & South & civil organizations who work against forced dissaperence were participated for this. At the very bigining as for respecting the disappeared people it was kept a one minute silence.After that, lightning the glims which were around a replica of the monument of the disappeared that was situated at the Raddaluwa junction, Seeduwa was taken place.
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A young man's complaint of imminent threat to life
A young man's complaint of imminent threat to life due to a powerful businessman working hand-in-hand with the OIC of the Ja-Ela Police Station -- an Open Letter to the IGP and HRCSL We are bringing to your notice an allegation of serious threat to life and deliberate refusal to carry out the duties of the police relating to serious assaults, attempted abductions and several other complaints by a young man living in Ja-Ela. His basic complaint is that due to some unfortunate but simple misunderstanding, a millionaire businessman of the Ja-Ela area with several criminal elements is harassing him and his family members. Further, the OIC of the Ja-Ela Police Station is ignoring his complaints and instead filing fabricated charges against him, his mother and an uncle.
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A Young man was illegally arrested and tortured by the Kakirawa Police
According to the information the Asian Human Rights Commission received Mr. Aadawalage Gayan Indika (26) of No 6th Canal, Kagama in Kakirawa in the district of Anuradhapura is married and the father of one son. He is a barber by profession. On 7 August 2011 Gayan was on his way to drop his brother at Walpaluwa Garage in the same village on his motor bike at the 6th Canal Junction. Some people in civilian clothes signaled him to stop his motor bike. He did so and one of the group asked for his identity and that of his brother. Gayan simply questioned the identity of three people and one person answered that he was Inspector of Police (IP) Jagoda of Kakirawa Police Station. Then IP Jagoda told the brothers that they had received information that Gayan is engaged in the production of illicit liquor. Gayan was shocked at this and told the officers that he had never engaged in such activity at any time in his life. Ignoring this IP Jagoda asked the location of the place where they produced the liquor. Again Gayan refused the accusation. At that point they forced him to lie down on the ground and started beating him with sticks and branches. While all three officers joined in the assault IP Jagoda was the most violent. Following this one officer, later identified as Nimal, asked Gayan to come to the side of the road which he did. Gayan was asked to pay a bribe so that they could go on their way but he repeated that he had never engaged in such an activity and was not willing to accept such accusations.
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A former air force officer rapes a ten-year-old girl - AHRC Statement
In a widely reported incident it has been revealed that a former air force officer has raped a ten-year-old girl when she accompanied her mother as she was preparing a school for the coming term. This happened at the Telijewele Royal College where the school was a centre for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level examinations. After the holding of exams a group of teachers and other government servants held a drinking party to which this former air force officer was invited.
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The 3rd Month Commemoration of the Slain FTZ Worker - September 1st
The Commemoration was Organized jointly by Joint Trade union Federation ( JTUF) and Free Trade Zone Solidarity. Though it was planned to hold it in a religious and Peaceful way the situation changed the whole program. It was planned to hold in front of the “Awariwatta Temple” with Buddhist and Catholic religious ceremonies, Speeches by Roshan’s family, 2 injured workers, JTUF, FTZS , FTZ worker and cultural event with singing by Mr. Jayathilaka Bandara and Rev. Fr. Anton Jayananda. And also it was in the agenda to invite the workers to offer flowers with the others. But due to the pressure from ( as we heard ) Police and ruling party politicos, the Rev. Monk was not present in the afternoon and the gate of the temple was padlocked. The white flags which were put up in the morning had to be removed. Then at 1645 we decided to march from t he gathering place, F
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Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment launched
A Joint Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission and the Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-Treatment - A group of 26 human rights defenders and organisations, today (19th August) concluded a five-day regional conclave and formed a unique regional initiative - The Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment (AAAT). The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT), Denmark took the lead to organise the foundational meeting of the AAAT, first of its kind in Asia. The meeting was held from 15 to 19 September at the AHRC's office in Hong Kong. Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong were represented in the meeting.
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Sampath Perera was set free
Sampath Perera who lived in Thaladuwa, Negambo was suspected for stealing money from the donated money collection of the Kadirana church & was assaulted by the villagers.Then he was handed over to the Police, Negambo.Due to this assaulting one of his leg bones, was heavily broken.Even though, a boy aged 15, accepted that he did steal 38 rupees from that offering box, the villagers continuously assaulted, accusing Sampath, in an inhumane manner.
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Madhushanka, a soldier of STF of Sri Lankan Did he committed suicide or was he killed?
The dead body of a soldier, who had been working for the Special Task Force (STF) of Sri Lankan, exhumed last 26th of August, 2011.This, was a body of 20 year old young man, named P.N.Madhushanka who lived in Thummodara & was said to be committed suicide, by the Army. Madhushanka’s mother filed a case in the MC of Mulathiv on the suspicious death of her son.And the exhumation was taken place under the order of the Magestrate. The mother of this soldier, Mrs.P.A.D.Ariyawathi suspected this death from the very beginning.Injuries on the dead body, cracks on the back borne, are the major reasons for her suspicion.
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A Protest in demanding justice for the murdered FTZ worker
A peaceful protest to condemn the murder of Roshane Shanake, the FTZ worker and to demand justice , was held in front of the Negombo Magistrate courts on 15th August, 2011. The family members of Roshane Shanaka, clergy, Trade union activists and Human rights activists took part in the protest. Before the protest was started a SI came and requested, Mr. Brito Fernando to meet the ASP, Mr.Ananda Fernando which was rejected by Mr. Brito saying that he does not need to go and meet the ASP. Then ASP came near Mr. Fernando and the crowed in an angry manner and said that he will not allow any protest to take place in front of the court premises. The ASP demanded the names of the leaders and when Mr. Anton Marcus told him that all the participants are leaders and to get all the names if he was in need. Then he went back to the court house threatening that unless the crowed stop any protest and disperse that he will get an court order from the magistrate to get them all arrested.
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Soldiers's body exhumed on suspicion after 11 months
Family members of a soldier from a Sri Lankan elite force suspect foul play over the death of their loved one. The mother of a Special Task Force (STF) soldier, whose body was exhumed on Tuesday called upon the Sri Lanka military not to harm the lives of soldiers. Court order Twenty year old STF soldier, N.P. Madhusanka died last August was buried as a civilian after the body was handed to them by the Sri Lanka Army in Vavuniya, his mother P.A.D Ariyawathie who was present at the exhumation said.
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SRI LANKA: The body of the disappeared human rights activist Pattini Razeek exhumed
Mr. Pattini Razeek, a well known human rights activist and a member of the executive committee of Forum Asia disappeared on February 11, 2010, yesterday (July 28) his body was exhumed before the Valachchenai Magistrate. The body had been buried within a half built private house in a remote village in Uddamaveli, Valachchanair and the location was identified due to a lead given by a suspect. The body has been sent to the government analyst department for scientific identification on the orders of the Magistrate. For the last one and a half years there had been a continuous demand from the members of his family, from the people in his residential area as well as from human rights organisations in Sri Lanka and abroad for an investigation into his disappearance. Razeek was the head of the Community Trust Fund (CTF), a Sri Lankan NGO based in the town of Puttalam.
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O I C of Pitabeddara Police make naked a Famous Businessman and subjects to the Dharmachakra
Mr Chatura Manohara Jayasingha a polular businessman in Pitabeddara of Matara and also Secretary of the Traders Orgaization in Piatabeddara was being made naked and was subjected to inhuman torture, using putting him in “Dharmachakkare” or “ method of sending into Nibbana when in the position of standing” the torture method which was vary famous during the 88-89 period and has filed two fake cases. A state of confusion had been build up in the Pitabeddara area against their inhuman assault. Last 14th July, a large protest was being held by blocking the Matara Deniyaya main road, with the participation of a large gathering of more than 2000 people of that area, closing all the shops and business premise in Pitabeddara town requesting to transfer immediately the O I C.
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Most of the Human Rights Violations Complains are Against the Police
Mr Dinesh Gunawardana MP and the Chief Organizer of the Government Party stated at the Parliament on 21st July, that the most of the complains received by the Human Rights Commission from 2009 up to so far are against the police. The Commission has received 5454 Human Rights Violations complains from 2009 to date and 2991 are against the police department stated Mr Dinesh Gunawardene. Also he stated that HRC has given solutions to 2329 and about 1500 complaints had been out of their purview.
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Religious Functions Of Blessing For The Killed and Wounded In Katunayake Police Attack
That day Thero Mihindu stated to the King Dewanampiyatissa that it must be kept in mind that “You are not the owner here but only the trustee”. So many trustees are being come into the power and are being gone away from power in various occasions. But they are not the owners of the Country, only the trustees of country. Not only the people in the country but trees, animals and the environment also should be protected by the trustees of the country. This idea was stated by the Venerable Itthepane Dharmaloka Thero who made a dharma discourse at the religious function organized by the employees of the Free Trade Zone.
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The challenge for the new IGP is to win the cooperation of his ASPs - An Article by the Asian Human Rights Commission
The new Inspector General of Police, N.K Illangakoon, in his first public statement has admitted that there are problems in the policing system of Sri Lanka. He mentioned that the policing system has been distanced from the people. The IGP's statement should be an occasion to reflect on another, more disconcerting problem for the citizens, which is the distancing of the policing system from the law. The new IGP admitted the need to reinforce discipline within the police and stated that measures will be made to improve the education of the police in order to deal with this problem.
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