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Right to Life web launching ceremony-May 21
Receiving information is our basic right. Although there are a large amount of Media institutes for publishing information, most institutes have been unable to give the true, unbiased news to the people. Otherwise most Media institutes are fearing or going backward in the publishing of true news. We did not see as a fare space have been given to the subject of Human Rights even by those very few courageous Media institutes who are trying to give information and it is obvious that even that space is being deteriorating very fast.
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A new Chief Justice for the Dying Judiciary of Sri Lanka - An Article by the AHRC
The appointment of the first lady Chief Justice would normally have been a day for great celebrations. However, in the context of the attack on the Sri Lankan judiciary since the adoption of the 1978 Constitution such a celebration would belie the actual situation of the judiciary as well as all the administration of justice institutions in the country. The 200-year-old tradition of judicial institutions was undermined by the constitution itself and 33 years of practice under this constitution has greatly subordinated the judiciary to the all-powerful executive presidential system.
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Another man is severely assaulted by the Inginiyagala Police
Mr. P W Cyril Sarath Kumara (26) of No: 6 B/59 A, Ambagahawella, Paragahakelle, Ampara, is a farmer by profession. On 4 April 2011 he was at Ambagahawela, Paragahakelle in the village along with a few other villagers. As it was the New Year celebration period several villagers were playing cards. At around 11pm several police officers including Police Constable (PC) Roshan, Police Sergeant (PS) Lal, Weerakoon , Chaminda, Karu of the Civil Defense Force all attached to the Inginiyagala Police Station arrived and started to brutally assault the persons in that place with batons. The victims of this assault suffered multiple injuries. Kumara was among the injured. Then the police officers arrested Kumara and six others and brought them to the police stations at about 2.00 a.m. Then they were detained in cells and later officers forced the detainees to sign documents those were not recorded from them. The content of the documents were not explained nor were they allowed to read them.
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Public servant fights against corruption, inhuman assault and suspension
Property Distaining officer Mr. Nelson Hettiarachchi attached to the Negombo Municipal Council has been suspended illegally by the Municipal authorities. He was formally attached to the Sub Office of Thalahena. He had executed his duties with due diligence and with high discipline. His senior officers and the people who relied on his services never made any complaint with regard to his work. Several months ago he made complaints revealing several cases of corruption for which there was credible evidence to relevant authorities. Following this he was threatened by the Municipal Councilor, Mr. Anton Jayaweera, not to proceed with the cases. Then on 24 April 2011 he was called to the Municipality office by the same councilor and treated in a degrading manner and assaulted inhumanly in front of the public. One day later his service was suspended without reason or inquiry and without a written order. He complained to the Commissioner of Local Government and the Negombo Police Station on the violation of his rights and the assault. Several days later he was issued a letter accusing him for inappropriately blaming the councilor and interrupting the work of his office. Nelson states that as a human rights defender he fought against corruption and for that he was punished by the perpetrators. This case is yet another illustration of the exceptional collapse of the rule of law in the country.
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BANGLADESH: Open Letter to all civil society organizations working on Bangladesh on lessons to be learned from the brutal attack on FMA Razzak - Basil Fernando
The attempted eye gouging incident in at Paikgachha village, where a human rights defender and journalist, FMA Razzak and his brother were attacked by a about 40 persons mobilized by a major in Bangladesh army, Mustafizur Rahman Bokul, is a painful experience to all. It is necessary to learn from this experience so that effective actions can be taken to address the very serious threats to everyone that are manifest through this extraordinarily inhumane attack. There were glaring inefficiencies and carelessness in the police conduct prior to this incident, during and after the incident. Razzak complained to the police about the harassment from Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul's family for months. However, the police failed make any reasonable intervention. (For details of police neglect please see: It is the duty of the police to enforce the law and to keep the peace and when it fails to do so violence and chaos are the inevitable result. Everyone we have talked to over this incident expressed their frustration and disappointment with the way policing system is functioning in Bangladesh. Police reform therefore is one of the major tasks that need to be achieved in Bangladesh.
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Inhuman assault by Inginiyagala Police.
Playing for bets is prohibited in Sri Lanka. But the Government has granted permission to Racing Bukis and Casinos. Cards Playing (buruwa) is one of the betting game which is very popular in rural areas. This cards playing (buruwa ) is being done in rural areas of Sri Lanka from the beginning of the month of New Year. Such a cards(Buruwa) playing session was conducted at Namaloya in Inginiyagala , on 4th April. Within one hour after the play had started , at about 11.00 p.m. Constable Roahan, Sergeant Lal of Inginiyagala Police Station and Weerakoon , Chaminda, Karu of Civil Defence Force broke in to that place, assaulted the persons in that place with battons. Due to this assault three persons had been injured and were bleeding. Thereafter, they had arrested seven persons and they were taken to the Inginiyagala Police Station at about 2.00 a.m. There, they had taken their statements and had taken the signatures from them without showing and reading the statements.
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Open message to Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksha from Sandya Ekneligoda
A period close to 2 years has been passed after the Media man Pradeep Ekneligoda‘s disappearance. While many discussions were built up on his disappearance in various fields, the Media and the Politicians who are closer to the Government were saying that he had disappeared on his own accord. Once the Police Media Spokesman stated that they had gathered considerable amount of information regarding Pradeep’s disappearance and they could not give them to the media at that time, but after their investigations they will publish all the information they had in hand. But so far no result to be seen relevant to Pradeep’s disappearance and we have any report on any person arrested or any case filed regarding Pradeep’s disappearance.
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A man is hanged and beaten with a bag of chilly powder around his head by Anamaduwa Police
29 years old Ravi Nishantha, married with two children, who maintains a saloon, in Anamaduwa, Mudalakkuliya area was beaten up on suspicion of loosing Rs. 30,000, which was carried by one of his friends, while travelling in a motor cycle, on 17th March 2011. The lost money was belonged to Mr. Pradeep Udayakantha,owner of “Jayani Service Center”in the same area, who is doing business after leaving the Police services and who maintains police connections, well. On an request by Pradeep, Ravi the victim had gone to the Anamaduwa Police station at about 0730pm.Pradeep had met some Police officers and since then no complain was there against Ravi. Ravi saw Pradeep speaking to number of Police officers. After a short while a Police officer took Ravi away , gave some blows to the backside and did shout at Ravi saying “” Tell if you took the money “
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Pressure to withdraw the Fundamental Rights Petition filed against breaking three teeth from the mouth of a retired teacher
The Supreme Courts had granted permission on 20th April, to continue the proceedings of the Fundamental Rights Petition filed for assaulting Mr K A Hemasiri, a retired teacher and breaking of 3 teeth in his mouth by the O.I.C. of Hakmana police station Mr Hemasiri, resident of Wepathaira, Hakmana, is the United National Party’s regional Manager in Hakmana electorate. On 19th December 2009, he had been participating at a campaign program of the public meeting by the general opposition alliance to be held on 20th December, and Mr. Kamal Amarasinghe, the O.I.C. of the Hakmana police station had arrived there and had assaulted him. The Chief Justice and the panel of judges which consisted of Mrs Shirani Thilakawardana and S I Immam who considered the petition against this inhuman assaulting had granted permission for proceedings of this petition against violation of the clauses 11 and 14, 1 b of the Constitution.
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Innocent man illegally detained for two and half month on mistaken identity by Anamaduwa police
Mr. Rajakaruna Herath Mudiyanselage Keerthirathna (48) of Surakkulama, Mundalama in the Puttlam district suffered a chronic illness as a result of a serious traffic accident several years ago. He was illegally arrested and detained by police officers attached to the Anamaduwa Police Station on 18 January 2011. Keerathirathna was produced before the Magistrate's Court of Puttalam and remanded until 7 July 2011. Later the relatives learned that police officers had arrested Keerthirathna on mistaken identity with an outdated warrant issued by the same court. Further they learned that the particular suspect of the warrant had already appeared before the court and had been enlarged on bail. Keerthirathna and his relatives complained to the relevant authorities seeking justice but have not received any response. Keerthirathna still has to face the hearing on 7 July 2011.
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Lanka e news journalist remanded until the 28th
(Lanka-e-News, -26.April.2011, 11.45PM) Following a court order based on charges of contempt of court, Lanka e news journalist Shantha Wijesooriya who was arrested by the Kirindiwala police and produced before Pugoda Magistrate court was remanded until the 28th Thursday . This order was issued by the District court judge Ms. Kumari Abeyratne. The Kirindiwela police who produced Wijesooriya to the court requested to remand him until the 28th as the inquiries are not over yet. When the judge questioned the police as to why the news item purportedly defamatory of the court was not produced, the police replied it had still not been able to procure it. At that stage the Lawyer for the accused , Manjula Pathiraja , produced to court the news item that was reported as well as the corrected news items published.
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Correction for second time on erroneous report ‘AG’s order to free two more suspects on the grounds there are no charges against them ignored by Magistrate’-our profound apologies
(Lanka-e-News, -26.April.2011, 11.45PM) Following our subsequent inquiries, it had come to light that our article captioned ‘AG’s order to free two more suspects on the grounds there are no charges against them ignored by Magistrate’, posted in our website on the 19th of April is erroneous. The news conveying ‘The Pugoda Magistrate had ignored the Attorney General Dept. letter to the Pugoda Magistrate to release two suspects on the grounds that there is no evidence against them, state the wives of the accused’ is not correct. In the news published ‘the two suspects are police Inspector M S Kalasooriya and constable D Lakshman De Silva who have not been released overriding the AG’s order’, and that part of the news, ‘they have not been released ignoring AG’s advice’ are factually incorrect.
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Attorney General wrong to withdraw charges - CJ By Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala service
It is wrong for the Attorney General (AG) to withdraw criminal charges filed against a suspect, Sri Lanka's Chief Justice (CJ) said. The Chief Justice was referring to the recent withdrawal of charges against government politicians by the Attorney General. "The AG does not have powers to withdraw charges if there is evidence," CJ Asoka de Silva told BBC Sinhala service, Sandeshaya. AG Mohan de Silva withdrew murder charges against former MP Chandana Katriarachchi while the trial on other charges was underway.
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On 27th February, 2011 Some drunken police officers from the Negombo police station came to the house of Marasingha Arachchige Maithree Nắrada, took Maithee Narada into custody with regard of a cattle theft in Kadirana area, and took him to the police station and assaulted him inhumanly
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The UN and government of Sri Lanka must make public the contents of the panel's report to the Secretary General - AHRC Statement
The UN panel commissioned to advise the UN Secretary General on several issues relating to the period covering the end of the war with the LTTE has now submitted its report. The content of the report has not yet been published. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called on the UN Secretary General to publish the contents of this report. The Sri Lankan government issued a statement in which it stated that it had received a copy of the panel's report and that it rejected the content as being 'flawed' and 'biased'. The Sri Lankan government did not mention the content of the report and on what specific issues it disagreed on. This report was awaited globally since the appointment of the panel by the Secretary General. The appointment preceded several months of debate from all over the world on the responsibility of the UN relating to the event that occurred in Sri Lanka towards the end of the war with the LTTE. There were serious violations of human rights abuse which the government continuously denied.
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Matara, Gandara Central College teacher assaults a 13 year old child inhumanly
As a result of an assault made by a teacher of Matara, Gandara Madya Maha Vidyalaya, a student of the same school, had been injured and was admitted to the Matara, Thalalla rural hospital and has taken residential treatment for 5 days. Ishan Maleesha of Devrampura, Kapugama, Devinuwara, (Matara) a13 year old male student of grade 7 year been assaulted on 4th of March in the school. After the questioning about a pigeon which had flown in to the class room, the teacher has forced the student to accept his involvement in chasing out the pigeon and when the student stated that he was not involved, the teacher has assaulted on the student’s head, shoulder and thigh area, with an albesia stick until the stick was broken.
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Asantha Aravanda who was made known by the divisional Journalists and Pitbeddara police station as a criminal was acquitted from the charges and was released
Asantha Arvinda of Madawalamula, Baddegma road, Galle, aged 24, cook by profession was acquitted from the forged charges in the case filled against him by the Pitabeddara police station and was released. The Human Rights Commission concluding their investigation of the human rights case filled by Asanka,s father, has reached to the observations- that the clause 12 (1) of the Sri Lankan Government’s constitution has been violated, Rupees five thousand should be paid to the victim by the 9 police officers and a copy of their investigation was sent to the Inspector General of police for taking the disciplinary actions against the involved police officers
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Pugoda District judge says to reconsider the solicitor general’s instructions
When The case was called before the Pugoda Magistrates’ Courts the preliminary hearings with regard to the Murder Case of Mr.David Amarasinghe, 47 years older bachelor , whose death had been occurred on 14th August 2010, while in the custody of Kirindiwela police station , Pugoda Magistrate and the additional district Judge Mr. Aravinda Perera ordered to reconsider the advices given by the Solicitor General , ordering the release the Sub Inspector Kularathne and the Police Constable Luksman Silva who are the suspects of this case, and ordered to remand the suspects again. It appears that some special attention has been given to this case, since advice has been sent specially for this case leaving all other cases aside which were sent for legal advices, said the judge and ordered to the police to inform to the Solicitor General to reconsider on this case.
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ASIA: Three women rights defenders receive prestigious international award for documentary - AHRC Statement
Three Asian women rights defenders have received a prestigious international award for a documentary made about their respective struggles, which was shown as part of a major film festival in the Netherlands during March. The jury at the Movies that Matter Festival, which was held in The Hague from March 24 to 31, awarded Suciwati Munir, Angkhana Neelaphaijit and Padma Perera, a Special Jury Award for Josefina Bergsten's film "UNJUST". The film documents the struggles of the three wives, mothers and activists to challenge impunity and get justice for their husbands, all of who lost their lives in 2004 due to the murderous intentions of state agents.
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Human Rights Commission SL received 9901 complaints in the year 2010
Inquiry and Investigation Division of HRCSL has released a summary report of complaints, which were received during the year 2010. According to sources HRCSL received 9901 complaints this year. The head office received 4205 complaints and ten regional offices received 5696 complaints. Compared to the previous year the statistics indicate a reduction of 21 percent.
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Anamaduwa police hang and assaults a farmer
Nihal De Silva is working as a broker in the sales field of vehicles, houses and land other than his farming. He has been taken into custody on an alleged cash theft which had happened with regard to a three wheeler deal, and had been hanged and assaulted. On 2nd January 2011 when, he was spraying pesticides in his paddy field, he received a call from sergeant Ranji of Anamaduwa police station, to his mobile phone and according to that request, after he finishing the field work he had gone to the Anamaduwa police station.
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