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Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment launched
A Joint Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission and the Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-Treatment - A group of 26 human rights defenders and organisations, today (19th August) concluded a five-day regional conclave and formed a unique regional initiative - The Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment (AAAT). The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT), Denmark took the lead to organise the foundational meeting of the AAAT, first of its kind in Asia. The meeting was held from 15 to 19 September at the AHRC's office in Hong Kong. Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong were represented in the meeting.
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Sampath Perera was set free
Sampath Perera who lived in Thaladuwa, Negambo was suspected for stealing money from the donated money collection of the Kadirana church & was assaulted by the villagers.Then he was handed over to the Police, Negambo.Due to this assaulting one of his leg bones, was heavily broken.Even though, a boy aged 15, accepted that he did steal 38 rupees from that offering box, the villagers continuously assaulted, accusing Sampath, in an inhumane manner.
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Madhushanka, a soldier of STF of Sri Lankan Did he committed suicide or was he killed?
The dead body of a soldier, who had been working for the Special Task Force (STF) of Sri Lankan, exhumed last 26th of August, 2011.This, was a body of 20 year old young man, named P.N.Madhushanka who lived in Thummodara & was said to be committed suicide, by the Army. Madhushanka’s mother filed a case in the MC of Mulathiv on the suspicious death of her son.And the exhumation was taken place under the order of the Magestrate. The mother of this soldier, Mrs.P.A.D.Ariyawathi suspected this death from the very beginning.Injuries on the dead body, cracks on the back borne, are the major reasons for her suspicion.
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A Protest in demanding justice for the murdered FTZ worker
A peaceful protest to condemn the murder of Roshane Shanake, the FTZ worker and to demand justice , was held in front of the Negombo Magistrate courts on 15th August, 2011. The family members of Roshane Shanaka, clergy, Trade union activists and Human rights activists took part in the protest. Before the protest was started a SI came and requested, Mr. Brito Fernando to meet the ASP, Mr.Ananda Fernando which was rejected by Mr. Brito saying that he does not need to go and meet the ASP. Then ASP came near Mr. Fernando and the crowed in an angry manner and said that he will not allow any protest to take place in front of the court premises. The ASP demanded the names of the leaders and when Mr. Anton Marcus told him that all the participants are leaders and to get all the names if he was in need. Then he went back to the court house threatening that unless the crowed stop any protest and disperse that he will get an court order from the magistrate to get them all arrested.
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Soldiers's body exhumed on suspicion after 11 months
Family members of a soldier from a Sri Lankan elite force suspect foul play over the death of their loved one. The mother of a Special Task Force (STF) soldier, whose body was exhumed on Tuesday called upon the Sri Lanka military not to harm the lives of soldiers. Court order Twenty year old STF soldier, N.P. Madhusanka died last August was buried as a civilian after the body was handed to them by the Sri Lanka Army in Vavuniya, his mother P.A.D Ariyawathie who was present at the exhumation said.
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SRI LANKA: The body of the disappeared human rights activist Pattini Razeek exhumed
Mr. Pattini Razeek, a well known human rights activist and a member of the executive committee of Forum Asia disappeared on February 11, 2010, yesterday (July 28) his body was exhumed before the Valachchenai Magistrate. The body had been buried within a half built private house in a remote village in Uddamaveli, Valachchanair and the location was identified due to a lead given by a suspect. The body has been sent to the government analyst department for scientific identification on the orders of the Magistrate. For the last one and a half years there had been a continuous demand from the members of his family, from the people in his residential area as well as from human rights organisations in Sri Lanka and abroad for an investigation into his disappearance. Razeek was the head of the Community Trust Fund (CTF), a Sri Lankan NGO based in the town of Puttalam.
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O I C of Pitabeddara Police make naked a Famous Businessman and subjects to the Dharmachakra
Mr Chatura Manohara Jayasingha a polular businessman in Pitabeddara of Matara and also Secretary of the Traders Orgaization in Piatabeddara was being made naked and was subjected to inhuman torture, using putting him in “Dharmachakkare” or “ method of sending into Nibbana when in the position of standing” the torture method which was vary famous during the 88-89 period and has filed two fake cases. A state of confusion had been build up in the Pitabeddara area against their inhuman assault. Last 14th July, a large protest was being held by blocking the Matara Deniyaya main road, with the participation of a large gathering of more than 2000 people of that area, closing all the shops and business premise in Pitabeddara town requesting to transfer immediately the O I C.
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Most of the Human Rights Violations Complains are Against the Police
Mr Dinesh Gunawardana MP and the Chief Organizer of the Government Party stated at the Parliament on 21st July, that the most of the complains received by the Human Rights Commission from 2009 up to so far are against the police. The Commission has received 5454 Human Rights Violations complains from 2009 to date and 2991 are against the police department stated Mr Dinesh Gunawardene. Also he stated that HRC has given solutions to 2329 and about 1500 complaints had been out of their purview.
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Religious Functions Of Blessing For The Killed and Wounded In Katunayake Police Attack
That day Thero Mihindu stated to the King Dewanampiyatissa that it must be kept in mind that “You are not the owner here but only the trustee”. So many trustees are being come into the power and are being gone away from power in various occasions. But they are not the owners of the Country, only the trustees of country. Not only the people in the country but trees, animals and the environment also should be protected by the trustees of the country. This idea was stated by the Venerable Itthepane Dharmaloka Thero who made a dharma discourse at the religious function organized by the employees of the Free Trade Zone.
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The challenge for the new IGP is to win the cooperation of his ASPs - An Article by the Asian Human Rights Commission
The new Inspector General of Police, N.K Illangakoon, in his first public statement has admitted that there are problems in the policing system of Sri Lanka. He mentioned that the policing system has been distanced from the people. The IGP's statement should be an occasion to reflect on another, more disconcerting problem for the citizens, which is the distancing of the policing system from the law. The new IGP admitted the need to reinforce discipline within the police and stated that measures will be made to improve the education of the police in order to deal with this problem.
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A Complain to the Human Rights Commission with the Signatures of 825 personnel
One person died while 6 were injured by the shooting at the protest organized at Katunayake FTZ by their workers, against the Government’s Proposed Pension Bill. There is no progress in legal proceedings to be seen on this incident and the workers idea is that still, there is no fair and impartial investigation is going on. It has been mentioned in this petition the facts that the workers are not going to complain individually against the various torture done by the police by firing tear gas out side the factories, assaulting, entering into factories forcibly and assaulting workers, taking workers to the police station and assaulting severely, not giving medical treatment to the injured persons, delaying of admittance of injured ones to the hospitals purposely. Their utmost fear of attempting to harm their lives and the Factory Managements into whose factories the police has entered forcibly and assaulted the employees and has done massive damages into their properties, have been profusely scared to not to take any action against them.
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Representatives’ Conference against the torture
Although there are many more legal facilities against torture in the country, there is an agreement for not enforcing them accordingly, by the Government who has the very right to enforce the law, specially from the religious community and the civil society. The opposition party too has given a total back up for it. Today, even many intellectuals and progressive people consider that torture is a very important factor for governing. Today many people think that assaulting a suspect for obtaining information is a must. Recently, a major government Minister stated in a public rally that, obtaining information from a suspect could not be done by touching his face and giving him buriyani. What is meant by this?. Although laws are made to abolish the torture in Sri Lanka done due to various pressures by the international sections for the conditions of Aids and Loans, the government has no actual desire to stop torture.
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Deniyaya, Kosmodara Police Assaults a Young Man
It has been reported from Deniyaya, Kosmodara police division that two police officers who were not in good terms with the person who objected and requested to prove their identity, when they were attempting to enter his house forcibly in civil clothes, has assaulted the man and filed fake case, against him. Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Chandana –29 years older –was subjected to this assault. On 15th June 2011, at about 7.30 p.m. two unknown person who were in civil clothes, has come to Chandana’s house and has told that they want to search the house. Then they had been answered that he can not allow the unknown persons to search the house and has requested to prove their identity . At that time one person who was furious has given a heavy blow to Chandana’s face. Then Chandana has rushed to the house and has got closed the door. The two personnel who were at the outside has shouted as they were from Kosmodara police station and ordered to open the door. Then Chandana has said that “If you Gentlemen are from the police either you must be in uniform or prove your identity.
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Peoples Human Rights Commission
Since it is impossible to get the Human Rights institutions out of the power of the Government, and due to their biased performance, people are reluctant to get closer to them, hence we are looking for possibilities to establish alternative peoples’ institutions. At present moment, an alternative Human Rights Commission which receive complains from people, investigate them and give resolutions, is needed in our country. All who do their duties to protect Human Rights, amidst the pressure of various parties including the government who violate Human Rights must join together in this process.
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FTZ workers file FR petition before sc
Ten workers of the Katunayake Free Trade Zone (FTZ) filed a fundamental rights violation petition yesterday before the Supreme Court against the impugned police assault on the peaceful demonstrators within the FTZ on May 30. In their petition filed through their instructing Attorney-at-Law Gowry Shangary Thavarasha, they cited the Police OICs of Katunayake and Seeduwa as well as Negombo DIG, former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya, the Board of Investment, Army Commander Lt.Gen.Jagath Jayasuriya and the Attorney General as Respondents.
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500 Days since the disappearance of Mr. Pattani Razeek! Still no police investigation - Statement by Sri Lankan Civil Society Activists
On 25th June 2011 we marked 500 days since the disappearance of Mr. Pattani Razeek, a Sri Lankan Human Rights Defender, Managing Trustee of the Community Trust Fund (CTF) in Puttalam and Executive Committee Member of the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUMASIA). On February 11, 2010, Mr. Razeek travelled to Polonnaruwa with CTF staff, where he met with a group of persons parked near the Jumma Mosque in Kaduruwela. Mr. Razeek was last seen getting into a van with those persons, having informed his colleagues that he was travelling to the Eastern town of Valaichchenai. Mr. Razeek has not been seen or heard from since. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Razeek's family received a few calls from Mr. Razeek's mobile phone number, demanding large amounts of money to secure his release. Then the calls stopped.
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Complaints against police pile up
Hundreds of public complaints against police officers submitted to the National Police Commission (NPC) are piling up because the Commission is no longer functioning, a senior NPC official said yesterday. NPC Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray said the powers and functions of the NPC were drastically reduced since the introduction of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution with most of the duties and powers earlier vested in the NPC being now handled by the Public Services Commission and the Police Chief.
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If any illegal act is done by a Lower rank officer on the orders of a higher officer, he personally is responsible for the offence. -Deputy Solicitor General says.
‘A Lower officer must have the strength to refuse to carry out any illegal orders given by their higher ranked officers. If any illegal act was done by someone saying that it is on the request of the higher officers, he himself must be responsible without distinguished as High or Low’. Stated Mr Jayantha Jayasooriya, the Deputy Solicitor General giving the oration of the Complainant’s side before the three Judges at the murder case hearing against four officers including former OIC of police, accusing that the two youths were abducted and killed by them.
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Katunayake shooting incident -All lawyers take the side of the Defendants;
"The Police station was attacked from several sides with stones and other things. Then the police officers released tear gas. But they were not seemed to be controlled. Warsps were upsetted by the tear gas and stinged the police officers and the civil officers. At that same time I heard the noise of shooting". Stated Mr Adikari Wijayananda Silva, the Assistant Superintendent of Police in Negombo, giving evidence at the court hearing on the Magistrate”s Investigation on the Post Mortem conducted on the garment employee’s death that took place due to shooting by the Police.
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Suspect Police Officers of David Amarasinghe Murder Case Released
David Amarasingha murder case whose death occurred after the arresting by the Kirindiwela police, against W S Kulasooriya Sub Inspector of police and Luksman Silva Police Constable were called on for hearing before MrAravinda Perera the Pugoda Magistrate and Additional Divisional Judge, at the Pugoda Magistrates. court. without the accused police officers on 16th June 2011 and further hearing was postponed to 4th august 2011. At present, the case against the two police officers has been suspended and they have been acquitted and released without subjecting them into any condition, under an order of the Appeal Court.
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Report on 323 cases of police torture in Sri Lanka - AHRC PRESS RELEASE
The Asian Human Rights Commission which has documented over 1500 cases of torture and ill treatment by the Sri Lankan police has now compiled a report of 323 cases. In this presentation Mr. Basil Fernando, the Director of Policy and Programmes explains the causes of police torture in Sri Lanka and the consequences of having a policing system that has lost its internal control structure. Fernando also explains how the CAT Act, Act No 22 of 1994 is no longer being implemented in the country and how there is no credible complaint mechanism or witness protection law available to the citizens. The overall consequence of losing a law-based policing system is the creation of extra-legal measures to control crime. These extra-legal measures include torture, and extra-judicial killings. "Wide spread torture is only a symptom of the much larger problem of lawlessness created by the operation of 1978 constitution", tells Fernando.
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