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Eskimo pays Rs.295, 700/= as compensation
North Kadirana Eskimo Fashion Knit Wear the respondent company ,, when taken up at the labour tribunal, under case no.21/830 was ordered to pay compensation amounting to Rs.295,700/ to Saman Kumara, an electrician who was dismissed unjustly and came to a settlement on the 8th of October 2008. Mr.Britto Fernando and Ms. Sarani Fernando of Right to Life Organization, Legal Section. Appeared for the petitioner under the instructions of Lawyer Amitha Ariyaratne.
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Supreme Courts Oder’s to give full protection to Suarngi Sandmali, wife of late Sugath NIshantha and two children
On the 10th of November 2008 the Supreme Courts ordered Deputy Inspector General of Police, Western Province, to arrange full protection to Surangi Sandmali wife of late Sugath Nishantha who was gunned down on the 20th of September 2008 and two children.
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Bribery Commission files case against Officers attached to Negombo Police Station
Sugath Nishantha/Surangi Sandmali,Kalpani, and Anjana, were threatened by Police Officers attached to Negombo Police Station, warning not to come forward to give evidence in the case filed by Bribery Commission at Colombo Magistrates Courts under case No. B 1658. Further more a Fundamendal Rights Case has been filed against 14 Officers attached to Negombo Police Station for brutally assaulting five members of the same family and out of these 14 Officers 3 officers are accused in the case filed by the Bribery Commission.
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18 year old youngster assaulted
18 year old Anil Chandana Kumara from Galewela is a freelance house to house Salesman, selling various items. On the 7th of October 2008, while he was going back home after work on a motor cycle with one of his friends, they had collided with another vehicle at Wennappuwa. Unfortunately the driver of the other vehicle is a relative of one of the police officers of Wennappuwa Police.
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Leave granted to proceed with the case against Ratnapura Police Officers who assaulted a Police Officer from another Police Station
Leave to Sue has been granted to proceed with the case filed by Sarath Kumara, a Police driver attached to Agunakolapelassa Police against the Police Officers from Ratnapura Police, who assaulted Sarath Kumara. Sarath Kumara was returning to Angunakolapelessa after completing his tour of duty at the Esala Perahera in Kandy with some Police Officers. A team of Police Officers from Ratnapura Police too was travelling on the same road.
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Death threats to Lawyers and Journalists
Sugath Nishantha 36 year old father of two children was gunned down by an unidentified person inside Sugath’s truck with the 12 year old son by his side. The body of Sugath fell on the son’s lap and now the child is in a trauma. No one has been taken to custody so far and Sugath’s wife too is receiving threatening calls and her life is in danger. While Sugath was alive, he was threatened several times although Sugath Complained to Inspector General of Police and the Bribery Commission, nothing could save his life.
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Sugath Nishantha – Shot Dead
Sugath Nishantha, from Dalupota-Negombo who fought against the Negombo Police in the courts was shot dead by unidentified gunman when He was waiting In His lorry on the main road Chilaw- Negombo at about 1000am on 20th September. His 12 year old son was also with him when He was shot dead. Sugath Nishantha , who was having several cases against some Police officers- Negombo including SSP and the HQI did not give up even after his whole family was beaten up and threatned by the Police officers.
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An Assault from Ratnapura Police to Agunakolapalassa Police
It has been reported from Ratnapura Police Station that a Police Driver attached to Agunakolapalassa Police Station, while returning from Kandy in his cab with four more police officers inside ,after special duties at Esala Perahara, a Police Cab belonging to Ratnapura Police Station ,overtook the vehicle ,stopped in the middle of the road, four Officers alighted from the vehicle, pulled out the Police Driver and another police constable started beating them inhumanly in the middle of the road in front of the passers by uttering raw filth.
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Sixteen year old school girl assaulted and taken to courts on fabricated charges by Ambalanthota Police Station
On the 1st of September 2008,Madushani Subasinghe,16 year old girl attending Bolana Central School,11th year grade student had been brutally assaulted with a wooden batten on to her legs ,hands and thighs, kept in the Police Station with her sister and her sister’s two children for one whole night,without anything to eat or drink. As Madushani’s hands were benumbed Police Officers tied two pieces of reepers on to Madushani’s hands with a banian... All these were done without a Woman Police Constable.
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Leave Granted by Supreme Court in the brutal killing of the prisoner Zamool Miswer
Zymool Miswer from Periyamulla Negombo was cruely beaten up to death by the Negombo prison officers on 3rd July 2008 , when he started serving his punishment in the Negombo prison. The post mortem inquiry revealed his course of death Was due to the torture. Two Prison officers were taken into custody on the statement of another prisoner Ubeida, as he was told by the victim , the names of the officers who beat the victim. Now those officers are in remand. The Supreme court granted leave to proceed on 4th of September when taken up an application by victim’s wife supported by Council Mr. Upul Kumarapperuma. The petition was granted to proceed under the clauses of the constitution 11, 12, 13(4),and 17.
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Bail Application of suspected doctor in female garment worker’s murder case rejected
Twenty two year old ,Chamila Dissanayake ,a resident of Monaragala, employed at Katana Smart Shirts Factory, had fallen from the 6th floor of the Negombo hospital on the 12th of November 2007 and was mysteriously killed. Sudarshan Balage,a doctor working at the same hospital was taken into custody by Negombo Police,suspected of Chamila Dissanayake’s death. It was revealed at the Medical Examination that Chamila had been raped before killing.
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Fails an attempt to abduct a fisherman
On the 16th of August 2008, at about 7.30 in the evening ,an armed gang ,with their faces covered had come to Joseph Miranda’s house ,a resident of Wanawasla Kalpetiya,47 year old, fisherman and had forced him into a three wheeler. A relative of Joseph had followed the gang in another three wheeler and had seen the three wheeler with Joseph entering Naval Camp. When inquired from Naval Camp, they had told the relatives that they did not bring anyone to the camp, but to make an entry at Kalpitiya Police Station if necessary.
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Witness in Prison murder case threatened and assaulted.
On the 3rd of July 2008 two Jailer Guards had assaulted and killed a prisoner,Seynnool Miswar . The witness to this ,a 51 year old Seyedu Mohmad Abhu Ubeyda, had been threatened with death and had been beaten. Abhu Ubeyda was in remand prison a suspect in an assault case..On the 3rd of July at about 4.00 pm while Abhu Ubeyda was going for a bath he had seen the victim ,Seynnool Miswar, holding the chest and the abdomen. When asked , the victim had told him that three jailor guards, Budhika and Neville and another person had assaulted him and was in severe pain. Witness had advised him to go to the hospital. On his way back from the bath Abhu Ubeyda had seen Miswar on the floor , dead., That day the Prison Doctor too was not available.
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Another murder in Negombo Prison
Seynnool Miswar from Mosque Lane ,Periyamulla,was an inmate in Negombo Prison convicted of raping. had been brutally assaulted and consequently died on the 3rd of July 2008.According to the report of the post mortem the death was due to beating.The names of the perpetrators were revealed by the victim to another inmate Ubeydha ,just before he died. On Ubeydha’s statement the Nogombo Police has taken two jailor guards to custody.
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Sudden death of Siththi Nazeera due to heart failure
Forty Three year old Siththi Nazeera ,mother of five children , from Negombo, Sri Lanka ,whose leg was amputated without her consent ,and who fought for compensation,died of heart attack on the 3rd of August. 2008. On the 1st of March 2005, Siththi Nazeera had gone to the Negombo Basic Hospital for cleaning a wound on her leg on the advice of Doctors. But her leg was amputated without her consent and such amputation was not required She filed a case in Negombo District Court, against a group of doctors at the Negombo General Hospital demanding one million compensation..
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Case on the Death of the 22 year old boy., hanging inside the Police Cell, using his underpants..
22 year old Surin Kinson was arrested on the 7th April 2008, by Gampaha Police ,kept him for two days in the cell . On the 9th of April according to Gampaha Police ,they found Kinson hanging inside the cell using his underpants. But the grand mother of Kinson, who brought up Kinson says that there was no any reason for the boy to commit suicide. Judicial Medical Officer who held the post-mortem,confirmed a wire mark around Kinson’s neck and bruises on the head ,back, right-arm, eye brows and on the forehead.
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14 Year old Student , 9 days in Police Custody
It has been reported from Kurunegala that a father and a son both illegally arrested, brutally beaten questioned about some robberies and were kept at the Police Station for 9 days. The son’s hand s had been tied ,suspended from a beam in the roof and had been brutally assaulted.
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Throwing Acid to the face ,torturing & fabricating false charges
It was reported in February 2008 four students, studying at Hambanthota Meegahajadura Maha Vidyalaya , and another young man were allegedly arrested, tortured and filed a case on fabricated charges.
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Throwing Acid to the face ,torturing & fabricating false charges
Asantha Aravinda a 23 year old boy from Madawalamulla ,Galle,had been riding his scooter with one of his friends, a boy named Prabath Chaminda on the pillion, and were on their way to visit one of relatives of Asantha Aravinda living at Pitabaddera. One truck driver alighted from the truck and crossed the road without checking for oncoming traffic. As the scooter was passing this truck driver’s hand slightly touched the scooter side mirror..
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Initiated Inquiries against Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi attached to Police Station Deniyaya who tortured 14 year old school boy.
It has been reported that Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi ,attached to Deniyaya Police Station has been indicted for torturing a 14 year old school boy ,Janaka Pradeep, whom the Police charged for the theft of a hand phone which Janaka Pradeep denied, and also forcing the mother of Janaka to pay the value of the phone. Mother of Janak Pradeep made a written complaint to Inspector General of Police and the National Police Commission.. Accordingly Assistant Superintendent of Police Southern Province has initiated inquiries.
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Continuance Death Threats to Sugath Nishantha
Sugath Nishantha made a complaint against an Inspector of Police for soliciting a bribe and the Bribery Commission made inquiries , filed a case and the Officer interdicted.Recently while Sugath and his wife were going on a motor cycle,the police had stopped them, threatened and had fabricated two charges as obstruction of duties. On the 12th of November 2007, some officers attached to Negombo Police Station ,had come to Sugath’s house and had beaten Sugath,his wife and two children. Fundamental Rights case has been filed against the above incident.
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