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Throwing Acid to the face ,torturing & fabricating false charges
It was reported in February 2008 four students, studying at Hambanthota Meegahajadura Maha Vidyalaya , and another young man were allegedly arrested, tortured and filed a case on fabricated charges.
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Throwing Acid to the face ,torturing & fabricating false charges
Asantha Aravinda a 23 year old boy from Madawalamulla ,Galle,had been riding his scooter with one of his friends, a boy named Prabath Chaminda on the pillion, and were on their way to visit one of relatives of Asantha Aravinda living at Pitabaddera. One truck driver alighted from the truck and crossed the road without checking for oncoming traffic. As the scooter was passing this truck driver’s hand slightly touched the scooter side mirror..
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Initiated Inquiries against Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi attached to Police Station Deniyaya who tortured 14 year old school boy.
It has been reported that Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi ,attached to Deniyaya Police Station has been indicted for torturing a 14 year old school boy ,Janaka Pradeep, whom the Police charged for the theft of a hand phone which Janaka Pradeep denied, and also forcing the mother of Janaka to pay the value of the phone. Mother of Janak Pradeep made a written complaint to Inspector General of Police and the National Police Commission.. Accordingly Assistant Superintendent of Police Southern Province has initiated inquiries.
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Continuance Death Threats to Sugath Nishantha
Sugath Nishantha made a complaint against an Inspector of Police for soliciting a bribe and the Bribery Commission made inquiries , filed a case and the Officer interdicted.Recently while Sugath and his wife were going on a motor cycle,the police had stopped them, threatened and had fabricated two charges as obstruction of duties. On the 12th of November 2007, some officers attached to Negombo Police Station ,had come to Sugath’s house and had beaten Sugath,his wife and two children. Fundamental Rights case has been filed against the above incident.
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Has the Police arrested the real killer
On the 7the of June 2008, 12 year old Ms.Vinodani Silva a school girl from Kudapaduwa ,Negombo, was found dead, hanging from a beam in the kitchen.. Negombo Basic Hospital ,Judicial Medical Officer Dr.Channa Perera ,who held the post mortem, has shown in his report that the girl has been strangled ,murdered and then hung from the beam in the kitchen and also she had been raped continuously since about six months.,and according to the report Vinodani was not raped on the day she was murdered Some vital body parts were removed for further investigation. Vincent Crooz the brother of Vinodani’s mother who has been living in the same house was arrested by Negombo police and remanded till 23rd June.
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Is it legal to assault a 16 year old school boy and hand over to the Police ? According to Negombo OIC yes it is legal.
Gayan Samudu a 16year old school boy, from Kurana, assaulted at St.Anne’s church. taken away and later on handed over to Negombo Police Station.Parents’ complaints go unheeded as the perpetrators are rich and well to do businessmen,in Negombo Area. Vehicle used for this tragedy WP PD 7766. On hearing that Gayan had been taken to Police Station, the parents of Gayan went to see him. They saw Gayan with a swollen face, bruises all over the face, scratch mark around the neck and Gayan’s back was blue colour. When asked from the OIC Negombo ,how can a person assault a 16 year old boy like this. OIC’s reply was that it is possible to assault any one and hand over to the Police.
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School Boy Tries to Commit suicide after getting Tortured by an Officer attached to Deniyaya Police Station
On the 28th April on the orders of Deniyaya Police, Horagalagamage Sumith Chandrakumara, Kotapola in Matara Distric, reports to Deniyaya Police Station with his two sons, Indranieda and Janka Pradeep Kumara. At the Criminal Investigation Section, Janaka Pradeep Kumara was taken inside along with Ananda, a resident of the Area. After about ten minutes thery were broght back. Then one Officer told Ananda , pointing at Janka Pradeep,”this fellow has not taken you It is your responsibility to safeguard your telephone in the midst of a crowd. It is your carelessness. And we cannot do anything” That moment S.I Wimalkeerthie had walked in and had taken Janaka Pradeep inside saying “Are You the Man?’ and had started assaulting him.
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Committed Suicide or Murdered
On the 7th of April 2008, Suren Kinson,a 22year old boy from Pahalagama,Gampaha,was taken to custody.,.According to Gampaha Police that the boy had committed suicide by hanging inside the cell using his underpants on the 9th April 2008. Suren Kinson had been brought up by his grand mother, since his mother had left him when he was just two years. When the grand mother heard that Kinson had been arrested she had gone to the Police Station with lawyer Ms.Manel Wickramanyake. The Police had given an assurance that the boy would be released after taking a statement.
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Enforced Disappearance of a Student age 18 at Kataragama
Kathiravelu Sathyawan,a 18 year old school boy attending Janadhipathi Vidayala,Kataragama, residing at No.108,Gothami Gama,Katharagama. has been taken away in a white colour van. On the 1st of May 2008, when Kathiravelu Sathywan,was at a funeral house,some unknown persons had come to the funeral house in a white colour van and a red colour motor cycle and had taken Kathiravelu by force. Some of Kathiravelu’s friends had seen this..
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Disappeared Fais, reappears after three months
On the 28th of February,48 year old Pithchai Marikkar fais,father of two children residing at Karathive Puttalam,was abducted by an armed gang in a white colour van. Following day when the wife and Phais’s bother in law went to Wanathavilluwa Police Station to make an entry,they had seen white colour van, parked near the Police Station and Phais inside. But the Wanathavilluwa Police refused to take down the entry instead they were threatened .
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Suspects in Gerard Mervyn Perera’s Torture Case acquitted & discharged
On the 3rd June 2002 Gerard Perera of Makewita ,Wattala, was taken into custody and tortured. In terms of Act No22 of 1994 a law incorporating the Convention against Torture and Cruel and Inhuman Treatment Act, Legal Department indicted seven Police Officers .in Negombo High Courts . Case No.326/2003. On the 21st of November 2004, few days before the scheduled date of the case,Gererad Perera was gunned down, thus preventing him giving evidence.. The Fundamental Rights case against torture was won by Gerard Perera, and the verdict was to pay compensation , amounting to Fifteen Lakhs.
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Police Allegedly assault 14 year old School boy and fabricate charges
Addassuriyage Don Anil Shyama,14 year old school boy from Pattaduwana,Minuwangoda, taken into custody ,kept in the Police Station for four days tortured and fabricated charges. This boy’s father is a labourer, and his mother has left them. On the night of 1st March 2008, Minuwnagoda Police ,arrested Anil,tortured into confessing to a robbery which he has denied ,kept him for three days and on the 4th March ,he has been produced at Minuwangoda Magistrates Courts, under false charges.
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The permission granted to Mr Sugath Nishantha to proceed with his Human Rights case against the Police officers of Negombo
The Supreme court of Srilanka has granted permission to proceed with a human rights case filed by Mr.Sugath Nishantha Claiming his fundamental rights were violated by the torture by Police officers of Negombo. The case was filled and was represented by Mr. J. C. Weliamuna, Attorney at Law. This case was filed against some Police officers including the HQI Negombo Police station, charging them with the beating of Sugath, His wife and teenage daughter and the son in their house
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The order on Mr. Gerard Mervin’s Police torture case on 27th March
The high court judge, Mrs. J.M.T.M.P.U. Tennakone announced on last 17th , that the order on the Police torture case of Mr Gerard Mervin Perera’s, father of three children who lived in Makevita, against the police officers of Wattala, including Sub Inspector, Makavitage Suresh Perera and 7 other police officers, will be delivered on coming 27th of March.
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An armed gang in a white Van without number plates abducts a father of two children in Puttalam
On the 28th of February 2008, at about 11.30 in the night an armed gang in a white van without number plates has abducted 48 year old Thamby Marikar Fais a father of two children. According to his wife ,while they were sleeping some one had shouted by her husband’s name ,when inquired they said from police and was asked to open the door. Two persons in police uniform and another in civil got inside the house and had pulled Fais by his hand and had told him to dress up and come with his identitiy card. Then Fais put on a shirt and went outside with his identity card. When the wife asked them where they are taking him one officer in uniform had said Wanathavilluwa Police Station.
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Key witness in hospital murder case reinstated
L.M.Beatrice the only witness in the murder case of Chamila Dissanayake ,who had been raped , strangled and pushed out of the 6th floor of the new wing of the Negombo hospital. regains her job. . Beatrice a mother of four children ,attached to a Private Janitorial Service ,earns Rs.285/= per day. was dismissed ,after the doctors of the Negombo Hospital demanded her removal.
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Drunken Officer attached to Kataragama District Office assaults mother of two children and breaks her arm
On the 3rd of February 2008, Mr.Rasika N.Muthumala,Computer Operator, an employee at Kataragama District Office,had assaulted and broken the arm of 34 year old Mrs.Ediriweera Jayasekara Kurudu Patabadige Thanuja Lakshmi,who is residing in a house belonging to Kataragama,Gam Udawa Housing Development Authority. Victim’s husband an employee attached to Housing Development Authority is working in Amparai. Lady was alone in the house with her two children aged 14 and 1 ½ years respectively. Ignoring her protests the drunken accused had entered the house and had struggled with the lady inquiring about her husband. When he could not overpower her he had pulled her dress, and at the same time he had got hold of a momatee which was lying close by and had assaulted her thus fracturing her arm.
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Police Officer bailed out on Rupees Ten Thousand and Two Personal Bonds of One Million each for giving false evidence.
When Gerard Mervyn Perera’s murder case, bearing, H.C.445/2005 was taken up at Negombo High Courts on the 25th of January, the 7th witness was charged for giving false evidence, and an order was given to send him to remand prison. He was bailed out on a bond of Rupees Ten Thousand and two personal bonds of one million each Also he was asked to hold in his passport to the courts.
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Blocking the witnesses against suspected Doctor.Is it a step to protect the accused.?
The Murder at the Negombo GeneralHospital by a Doctor,which made a big uproar in Sri Lanka Medical Profession as well as the whole country, is getting cooler and cooler. The employee who is the one and only witness has been harassed and thrown out of employment.
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Dentists at Sri Lankan Police Service
It has been reported that , during the past few months , certain Police Inspectors and some officers attached to the Sri Lankan Police Service,have assaulted some Citizens ,in some parts of the Island, inhumanely,to the extent of breaking teeth. Out of these there are two significant cases details of which are given below.
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Inhumane beating , fabricating false cases against four School Children by Suriyawewa Police.
On the 20th of January 2008, Inspector and some officers attached to Suriyawewa Police. took four boys aged 16 years and a young man to Police custody without any reason assaulted them mercilessly with S-lon pipes and bottles , and had filed false cases. Victims: Abeysekara Arachchilage Umesh Chaturanga ,Senarath Ratnayake,Nuwan Sanjeewa,K.G.Dinesh Madushan ,G.K.Lahiru Lakmal, all 11th year students,at Hambanthota Migahajadura Maha Vidyalaya...
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