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United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture
The SPT is able to interview in private persons deprived of their liberty and any other person who in the SPT’s view may be able to assist it with relevant information including government officials, NPMs, representatives of national human rights institutions, non-governmental organizations, custodial staff, lawyers, doctors, family members, etc.
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United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture concludes its visit to Sri Lanka
“We have received good cooperation during the visit, having access to all places of detention, getting all relevant information and performing confidential interviews. We look positively on Sri Lanka’s prospective development of a national preventive mechanism, as required under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture,” said Victor Zaharia, who led the four-member delegation.
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Initial Meeting of Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture (SLCAT)
Right to Life Human Rights Centre along with 8 organizations and human rights activists initiated the Sri Lankan Non-Government Organizations’ Collective in 2011 to prepare the Alternative Report on Torture to United Nations Committee Against Torture. Later in 2016 the report was sent with 21 organizations and human rights activists including Right to Life Human Rights Centre. The initial meeting was focused to have independent Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture.
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Representatives of United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture meets representatives of Sri Lankan Organizations against Torture
Right to Life Human Rights Centre and representatives from six organizations who work against torture in Sri Lanka met the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) on April 04 at United Nations Headquarters in Colombo and discussed about the current situation of the country with regard to torture prevention.
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The 16 year old was detained for 54 hours and tortured in Hungama police
From the time of arrest till going to the Police station they have beaten Sahan in few occasions and when he was detained Police Sergeant Jayasinghe and Amila from the Civil Defense Force has beaten him from a horse pope and rods. Still those marks are visible says Sahan.
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Madush’s aunt’s litmus test for the Courts
Though there were huge positive restructuring to the judicial system under the present government it seems still there are holes such as this to creep through. Sirisena and Rajapakse shadows are seen appearing in some institutes. The Attorney General’s department and the Courts not to abuse power. Since it is evident that such incidents are happening now it is the time to act upon this.
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Sara Goiyya and Police Officer 1
Mr Achala Piyumantha Coordinator of Human Rights First Aid Centre in Moneragala has sent a proposal to educate general public through a creative folk story. The sarcasm in the story provides the background for a profound discussion between the relationship of police officers and suspects.
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Mr Saman Indrarathna and torture in schools
Later the Principle has scolded Vinusha regarding some photos on her Facebook account. One day after school the Principle ask Vinusha to come to his room and keeps her there for about two and a half hours. What happened in the room is not reported. Vinusha commits suicide. The Principle had allegations regarding her suicide.
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Human rights activists’ camp against the Minuwangoda police attack
Then the person came and hit him again with the pistol and asked for the bike keys. But he never gave the keys. Then he asked for hundred thousand rupees and again for two hundred thousand. He drags the key from Titus. The blow from the pistol results in a heavy blood flow from Titus’s lip. He gets scared seeing blood.
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Against police officers who are breaking limbs…
48 year old Wijesekeraarachchige Shantha is a father of two who resides at Kaleni village in Ranna. On 31 December 2018 a musical show was organized in celebrating the New Year. Shantha with his friend Gune left home around 08:45 pm in a three wheel belonging to a friend.
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Victory in Elsuma Case after 12 years!
In 2007 an interim court order was given prohibiting Brito Fernando, Former Chairman of Right to Life (R2L), Philip Disanayake, Executive Secretary of R2L, Asheela Niroshini and Maximus Rodrigo, Former Chairman of the workers union of Elsuma, hanging around the Elsuma Pvt Company in Daluwakotuwa, Negambo as a result of a court case filed by Elsuma Company.
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Open letter to the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament on the murder of two businessmen Rathgama Bussa area and General state of murder in the Island
If businessmen remain in a state fear because of threats of extortion, and worse threats to their life and liberty, by security officers and remain in their homes rather than being actively engaged in business pursuits, how can economic activity flourish in our countryside? These are profound questions. Given your position as a speaker of the parliament you have a great responsibility to address this problem.
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The latest updates on Human Rights Situationin the country
The Legal Unit of Right to Life Human Rights Centre requested information from the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka on 17 September 2018 under the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016. We requsted data on reported cases to the Human Rights Commision from 2015-2017 on incidents of torture, illegal arrest and detension, extra judicial killings, abductions and enforced disapperences
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The torture case that took place in Battaramulla Navy Camp
C.W.Piyal is a Navy officer bearing identity number 38838 from Galle is attached to the Battaramulla Akuregoda Naval camp. On 28 August 2018 he was arrested as a suspect for a food shortage problem at the Navy camp and was detained for 156 days at prison cells build to detain LTTE cadres. He was physically and mentally tortured during this period.
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Books and legal documents for Human Rights First Aid Centres
Recently the Human Rights First Aid Centres were gifted with important legal documents such as Acts etc. This gifting was done by Ms Venuri de Silva, Project Manager and Mr Nagaratnam Vijayakanth, Programme Coordinator of National Peace Council.
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Counter Terrorism Act and Prevention of Terrorism Act comparison in a nut shell
There are some remedies given at the CTA to safeguard the suspect not to be tortured or disappeared. The database is one option and the other is the magistrate. The magistrate will speak to the suspect in a closed door room and without the police officers with the suspect at each time suspect is produced to the magistrate.
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The Facebook crime which troubled Hambantota
My daughter has scolded him by sending a text message. Thus Sandun must have done something like this to take revenge according to what Wimal told at the police station. He also told he does not know anything about this photo. After making the complain Wimal has deleted this photo from his facebook account.
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The assassination that took place before the Katuwana police officers
Premawathi rushed to the scene with her son and they saw Piyadasa lying on the ground in a pool of blood. They rushed his in a three wheler to the Katuwana hospital but he was already dead.
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The torture case that took place in Battaramulla Navy Camp
Though he has confessed he is innocent in this case his pleads were not taken in to consideration. There has not been an investigation and he was asked by senior officers to accept that he robbed. Now he has lost his job.
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Abusing of women at Kandana Police
Her daughter Gayani Nadeeka has protested against this act and the OIC has shouted at her in filthy language and she received degraded mental treatment. Sunthra who was badly injured and got sick around 01:00 am in the morning after the incident was taken to the Ragama teaching hospital and the JMO has investigated and treated her.
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The police torture records received by us
The National Police Commission has sent a reply on 2018 October 16 saying they received 04 complains in 2015, 03 complains in 2016 and 04 complains in 2017. Out of the complains in 2015 02 were from th Western Province while 02 were from Anuradhapura and Badulla districts.
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