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“The main cause of torture is the more stress of police officers”
“A research done by the professors at the University of Kelaniya concluded that the tension of the police officers are responsible for would be a result of torture. It is about 80% of the countrys population. Because of this tension a Police Officer can turn a victim into a crime.” told by The Senior Lecturer of...
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Ongoing Disappeared Court Case of Madushka Harsha de Silva
The case regarding the businessman Madushka Harash de Silva, who was forcibly abducted on 2012, is being heard from the Anuradhapura Magistrates Court since 2013. When the case was taken up again on 05 th June 2018, the CID appeared on behalf of the complainant. Priyalal Sirisena AAL appeared on behalf of the aggrieved party.
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Chairperson of HRCSL speak out about Torture in Sri Lanka
The State authorities have been astonished by the Shadow Report submitted by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) on Torture in Sri Lanka on 2016, If there was any denial regarding this torture issues, that situation would have been lost after the report, and...
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Only 2 Complaints so far to National Transport Commission “Hotline 1955”
National Transport Commission (NTC) has received only 2 complaints so far to their HOTLINE 1955. It indicated two things one is that the prevailing transport of Sri Lanka has been working up to the rules and regulations and ...
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R.H.M. Keerthirathna gets Justice and 575 thousands as compensation
Anamaduwa police have arrested a person without proper identification, saying that they have an arrest warrant. After the arrest they have kept him for three months in the remand at prison. He had filed a petition because of violating his Fundamental Rights. And the Supreme Court upheld the Fundamental Rights Petition filed against the remand prison.
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A Solidarity Campaign in Sri Lanka for the Enforced Disappeared in Pakistan
A solidarity campaign was held at Sri Lanka seeking justice for the disappeared in Pakistan. The campaign was held in front of the High Commission of Pakistan in Sri Lanka located at Colombo 07. Right to Life Human Rights Centre also was present at the Solidarity Campaign
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The Supreme Court responded to the request to get information
On May 14, Right to Life of Human Rights Centre, recieved a response to the request made by the organization to the Supreme Court in search of getting information on the petition recieved by Supreme Court under Article 11 on Fundamental Rights Violations from 2015 to 2017. Within 10 days a reply waas sent to the organization for request made.
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Civil society force is must be a huge pressure on human rights and torture.- Mrs. Sluari Liyanagama, Acting Deputy Director, Inquiry and Investigation Department of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka
The commission has the power vested in it by the law. Based on these laws the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka
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The Civil Activists of the “Collective Against Torture” have met at Colombo.
Meeting of civil society activists for the prevention of torture held yesterday (16/06/2018) at Renuka City Hotel Colombo. In the meantime, the discussion on the preparation of the Sri Lanka Shadow Report for the Convention on Torture and the Prevention of Torture was discussed.
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Opening of the New Office of Right to Life Human Rights Centre
Right to Life Human Rights Centre opens its new office in Colombo 09, on 25th April 2018 with the presence of Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne and the representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Defenders and District Coordinators of Human Rights First Aid Centers at 9:42 am. Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne officially opened the new office by ribbon-cutting.
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Establishment of Special Courts after the Acts Amendments
The Supreme Court has approved the implementation of the establishment of special three-pronged High Court to investigate large-scale financial crimes and frauds.
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“Until court delay is end problems not be solved”- Basil Fernando
The president of the Asian Human Rights Commission Mr. Basil Fernando (Attorney-at- Law) has given some important instructions about the “Court Martial Ordinance” which have been created and presented to the cabinet by the Sri Lankan Government.
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“Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka along with Civil Society Organizations to promote and protect human rights”
Right to Life Human Rights Centre, Rights Now Collective for Democracy, Families of the Disappeared and Dabindu Collective met the representatives of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka for a formal discussion on the enhancement of functions of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka for the benefit of general public.
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Active Engagement to Ensure Peace and Harmony in Negombo Area by Local Inter Religious Committee (LIRC)
20th March 2018 the first bi-monthly meeting of Negombo Local Inter Religious Committee was held at Cardinal Coorey Hall, Negombo. There were 28 took part at the meeting representing all religion and ethnic community.
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Workshop on UN CAT Recommendations to District Leaders
On 17 th and 18 th February 2018, Right to Life Human Rights Centre organized a workshop for Human Rights Defenders, Activists, Civil Society representatives, Community Leaders from selected eight districts on explaining Recommendations given by United Nations Committee Against Torture (UN CAT) to Sri Lankan government.
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Workshop on Pluralism in Negombo
On 20 th and 21 st of February 2018, a workshop was held at Rani Beach Resort, Negombo on Pluralism organized by National Peace Council (NPC) and Right to Life Human Rights Centre (R2L).
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15 th Anniversary of Right to Life Human Rights Centre
On 17 th February 2018, Right to Life Human Rights Centre celebrated the 15 th Anniversary of the Organization. The Organization was founded in November 2002.
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Celebration of the 15 th anniversary of Right to Life Human Rights Center
Celebration of the 15 th anniversary of Right to Life Human Rights Center, All arrangements have been made to hold the event on 17 th February 15, 2018 at the Olympic House Auditorium at Colombo 07.
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A thanking letter from a Police Constable to “Right Life Human Rights Centre”
Police Constable Namal Asanka, while serving in the Thanamalwila police station in the year 2008, because of the snake bite, he was at critical condition. During that period he was given sick leave and he was receiving medical treatment being at home. He was suspended by the higher officers for not reporting to the work without informing.
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A severe assault by officers attached to Excise Department Madampe
A group of officers attached to excise station in Madampe Chillaw, had beaten a person who is a resident of Dummalasooriya village on 19th evening (last Friday). There is video evidence regarding this incident. When we went in search of the person to his residence he was not found there.
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“According to what I feel, within Sri Lanka the issue of the Tamil minority is still of a serious nature” - Jayanthi Dandeniya
Jayanthi Dandeniya was one of three founder members who initiated “Right to Life Human Rights Centre” (R2L) in 2002. She also pioneered the evolution of the Families of the Disappeared (FOD), and she worked for the rights of the disappeared, regardless of her own life’s threats at very risky times. In 2003, she was awarded the ‘GWANGJU’ Human Rights Award by the South Korean “May 18th Movement”..
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