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AHRC Replies to Defence Ministry letter that seeks to restrict NGO freedoms
The National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations, functioning under the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, issued a letter to all registered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on the 1st of July 2014.
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The NGO Secretariat of the government which is placed under the Ministry of Defence has issued a circular to all NGOs directing them to act within their mandate. The circular states “It has been revealed that certain Non Governmental Organisations conduct press conferences, workshops, trainings for journalists and press releases which is beyond their mandate. We reiterate that Non Governmental Organisations should prevent from such unauthorized activities with immediate effect.”
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‘People’s Tribunal to End Killings at Police Stations’ to be Held on July 6, 2014 in Badulla
The Asian Human Right’s Commission sends its greetings to all those taking active part in making the ‘People’s Tribunal Against Killings at Police Stations’ a reality.
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Why are the police allowed and encouraged to lie?
The video footage is fairly clear. First we see a tall policeman wearing a helmet standing with his arm stretched towards the other side of the road. Then we see a scooter stopped just next to him. There is one man sat on the scooter. Looking closer, we see that the policeman is carrying a pistol in his outstretched hand. The pistol is directed towards somebody on the other side of the road. Then we see the rider of the motorbike stretching his hand out towards the policeman, in an obvious gesture telling the policeman not to shoot.
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SRI LANKA: Mahanayake Theros needs to demonstrate courage & intervene to stop the violence
It is to the credit of some Buddhist monks that they have taken active role in extending support and protection to the Muslims victim to vicious attacks across Sri Lanka. The attacks began after the Secretary of BBS, Reverend Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera, spoke at a recent meeting at Aluthgama.
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Drunken police officers gun down 24-year-old
On the night of June 11, officers attached to the Nittambuwa police station gunned down Subash Indika Jayasinghe, a 24-year-old man, for no reason. A friend named Saveen Chathuranga, 18-years-old, was accompanying Indika. Saveen describes the incident as follows:
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The international community has resolved to inquire into the violations of the Rule of Law with regard to the last phase of Sri Lanka�s civil war and thereafter. The UN Human Rights Council has passed three resolutions over the opposition of the Sri Lankan government focusing on the issue of accountability for human rights, which is an obligation that is binding on all States
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open letter from Bishop of Anuradhapu
This is to keep Your Honour informed of some events in relation to the Prison of Anuradhapura.Yesterday, being Easter Sunday I was to conduct the Easter Religious Services in the Catholic Chapel situated inside the prison complex of Anuradhapura.
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Reply by NPC On the functioning of the PC of the North and East
In an interview given to the Daily News of 24.04.14, Western Provincial Council minister Udaya Gammanpila has taken issue with a statement of the National Peace Council with regard to Provincial Councils in the North and East. He has quoted from the NPC statement that although the government has held elections in the Northern Provincial Council, it is useless unless the Council is allowed to function without undue interference from the centre.
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CPA complaint against the ITN to be taken up on 24th April 2014
23rd April 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Complaint filed by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) and its Executive Director (Complaint No: HRC/3083/13) before the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) against the Independent Television Network of Sri Lanka (ITN) and its Chairmen will be taken up for hearing tomorrow (Thursday, 24th April 2014) at 10.30 at the premises of the HRCSL at No. 165 Kynsey Road, Borella, Colombo 8.
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The draft resolution on Sri Lanka to be taken for vote at the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is now in circulation. It proposes an international monitoring of Sri Lanka’s domestic accountability process and calls on the UN Human Rights Commissioner’s Office to do investigations on its own.
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Tamil women: The government took our children during the civil war
For the 23rd anniversary of the Day of the Disappeared, 350 women have asked the President of Sri Lanka for their loved ones to be returned. The testimony of two mothers. Since 1987, 5 thousand people victims of "enforced disappearances".
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The day of commemoration for the disappeared - may God save us from madness
On 27 October, about 400 persons from the north and south, most of whom are family members of disappeared persons, gathered at the Monument for the Disappeared at Raddaluwa, Seeduwa. Like the gatherings in previous years, this year's too was a very sad spectacle to watch. Several of the persons carried flowers or a candle to place before their loved ones, whose photographs are set in the marble of the monument.
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Religious leaders to street !
Religious leaders today warned that they would be compelled to take to the streets on the day when Parliament takes up the debate on new regulations under Strategic Development Act under which tax holidays were to be given to casino projects.
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Why Torture Is Wrong?
Dr. Nora Sveaass is a clinical psychologist who has been engaged in various parts of the world in relation to human rights and rehabilitation after torture. She is an internationally renown psychologist who became a member of the Committee against Torture in the United Nations (UNCAT)
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Six weeks since the 'robbery' of journalists Mandana's residence - No proper inquiry
Networking for Rights notes with great concern that though it is more than a month since the alleged "break-in" of the residence of Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema, Associate Editor of the Sunday Leader, no worthwhile investigation has taken place to bring the culprits to book and to find out the real reasons behind the ''robbery''. Ms. Ismail Abeywickrema is also the President of the newly formed Sri Lanka Journalists Trade Union.
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No Withdrawing Army from North – President Rajapaksa
President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked as to how he could withdraw the army from the North without acceding to the requests of other Provincial Councils too to do the same. “Where can I have the Army? he said so as a response for the question raised in an interview with Al Jazeera.
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The Citizens Peace Award was established in 2010 by the National Peace Council to honor those Sri Lankan individuals in civil society who are resident in Sri Lanka and have stood up for the protection of and enforcement of human rights and fundamental rights when such rights are under threat and such action requires unusual courage and self sacrifice to do so.
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A tribute to Sunila Abeyesekara
Sunila Abeysekera passed away yesterday in Colombo. Born in 1952 she stood for the liberal values of equality, liberty and human rights at a very dark period in her country. By 1962, at the age of ten, a section of the country's elite attempted a military coup. This coup symbolised the disillusionment of an important section of the country's elite with democracy.
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“Those believed to be missing probably perished during the war” Is it true !
Democratic Party Leader Sarath Fonseka rejected the notion that there are still missing persons who are unaccounted for since the final stages of the war adding that these persons probably perished during that time.
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The need for public engagement and vigilance to ensure free and fair elections
A delegation of the Friday Forum met recently with the Commissioner of Elections Mr Mahinda Deshapriya with a view to initiating a constructive exchange of views on measures taken by him to ensure free and fair provincial elections.
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