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More than 1000 complaints against Police
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Human rights Commission of Sri Lanka states that due to various negligence of Sri Lankan Police, human rights of the general public have been violated tremendously. 

Dr. Deepika Udagama, Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka said there are more than thousand (1000) complaints against Sri Lanka Police in the first 3 quarters of 2017.

She further states that the arbitrary arrest, being in police custody and in prisons and torture had taken the leading role among these complaints.

In the first three quarters of 2017 Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka had received 249 complaints against police torture, 323 cases against threatening, and 298 complaints against arbitrary arrest.

Among the North and East the majority of the complaints are against the Criminal Investigative Department of Sri Lankan Police.

“We see a progress in human rights. Freedom of speech, Freedom of Assembly, truly the rule of law culture has been changed. But the our problem is that we receive number of complaints against Sri Lankan Police on human rights violations caused due to their actions.

Most of the complaints to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka are on torture infused by police as a tool of inquiry says the chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. And the Commission has send recommendations to the police to take the needed actions regarding the complaints.

Complaints have been received daily to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka regarding the police actions. There is a need for the reformation or reconstruction of the police. Further she mentioned that the need of getting the collaboration of the foreign specialists to reconstruct or reform the prevailing systems in the police and Sri Lankan police is working on it.

Last December, Cabinet of the Good Governance has taken a decision to promote Sri Lankan Police Service as a respectable profession. Further the cabinet has taken a decision to get the support from the British veteran Sir Hugh Orde (well-known and experienced specialist in Police reforms and reconstruction) enhance and to reconstruct Sri Lankan Police Service.

Acting Officer in-charge of Divulapitiya police station was arrested on last Wednesday (January 03), for death in custody attached to Divulapitiya police station in last October by Criminal Investigation Department (CID).


Source – Sinhala BBC

Translation: Anthony Vinoth (R2L)