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A severe assault by officers attached to Excise Department Madampe
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A group of officers attached to excise station in Madampe Chillaw, had beaten a person who is a resident of Dummalasooriya village on 19th evening (last Friday). There is video evidence regarding this incident. When we went in search of the person to his residence he was not found there.

When the assault was carried out, R. Seneviratne, a factory labor in the Galmuruwa area, who was under the custody of Excise Officers at that time said, that while he was returning home after consuming liquor, they took him to their custody and filed a case falsely charging him with a liquor bottle whereas, he was not having a liquor bottle. He said that he was arrested and assaulted and the Excise Officers assaulted another individual who was also in their custody.

When we contacted the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Madampe Excise Department, he stated that there was a minor incident when the Excise officers were raiding in Dummalasuriya area. Further the OIC of the Excise Department further said that a proper investigation will be carried out regarding the incident.



Translation: Anthony Vinoth (R2L)