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A thanking letter from a Police Constable to “Right Life Human Rights Centre”
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Police Constable Namal Asanka, while serving in the Thanamalwila police station in the year 2008, because of the snake bite, he was at critical condition. During that period he was given sick leave and he was receiving medical treatment being at home. He was suspended by the higher officers for not reporting to the work without informing.

When snake was bitten, the OIC of the Thanamalwila police station did not allow Namal Asanka formedical treatment. due to this negligence Namal Asanka was admitted to the hospital on the following day at 2.00 pm after getting the leave, by that time, the snake poison has spread throughout his body. After his recovery, as usual he returned to the service. He suffered from strokes due to snake poison and he became sick again from time to time. Despite this, due to the injustice done continuously by theofficers, he went in search of getting his job again, but he didn’t get justice. Then he contacted “Right to Life” Human Right’s Office in Hambantota and submitted his complaint in both writing and verbally.

From 2014 to 2017, Right to Life Human Rights Group (HRDG) strives to ensure justice for him. As a result, the National Police Commission (NPC) decided to re-appoint Mr. Namal Asanka, in 2017. For four years ‘’Right to Life’’ has been working on this issue with the fullest dedication on behalf of Namal Asanka. Namal Asanka thanked ‘’Right to Life’’ Human Rights Centre by a letter for being with him on his struggle to get justice, and the letter is attached below..