Police Officer bailed out on Rupees Ten Thousand and Two Personal Bonds of One Million each for giving false evidence.

 - February 29th, 2008 - 

When  Gerard Mervyn Perera’s  murder case, bearing,  H.C.445/2005 was taken up at  Negombo High Courts on the 25th of January, the 7th witness was charged for giving false evidence, and an order was given to send  him to remand prison.  He was bailed out on  a  bond of Rupees Ten Thousand and  two personal bonds of  one  million each  Also he was asked to hold in   his passport to the courts. 

Further more  Deputy Solicitor General Vijith Malalgoda stated in the courts that  the Attorney General’s Office  will indite  against   the 7th witness, Police Officer Thewarapperuma Arrachchilage Lakpriya Jayasantha,  in due course.

The case was postponed to 27th February 2008,due to,  the lawyer appearing for the 2nd suspect Ajith Nishantha declined to appear  in future, and as it is  necessary that   the services of a  lawyer is  required as the 2nd suspect is still in  prison.



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