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The Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture (SLCAT) is a national level network which consists 28 member organizations around Sri Lanka. The coalition is led by the Right to Life Human Rights Center and was formed with the aim of creating a torture-free Sri Lanka.

Lawyers for human rights 

In 2021, the Right to Life Human Rights Centre established a Collective of Lawyers including the lawyers from rural areas who work for the promotion and protection of Human Rights. They provide legal assistance for the Human Rights First Aid Centres of the R2L and cater to the needs of the victims and survivors country wide..


The “Journalists for Rights” was founded in 2019 to promote freedom of the press andethical journalism practice while addressing the professional rights of journalists. The Collective is registered as a Trade Union by the Commissioner General of Labour.

Citizens for Rights

This collective of torture and human rights violation survivors work with R2L to reach fellow citizens in need to address their issues and uphold the human rights profile of the country.

Aluth Kathabaha

This collective of civil society leaders has been convened by the R2L to discuss people’s economic rights as the basis of human rights and to discuss and help the reforms to enhance economic and political sustainability of Sri Lankan polity.

International Partners

Asian Human Rights Commission

Forum Asia

Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network

World Organization Against Torture

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture


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