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10 years took to end child abuse case in Ratnapura!

A ten years old girl was raped by a 63 years old man in 2009 and the court case is still going in Ratnapura Court. The accused was sentenced by the Judge of the Ratnapura High Court on the 23rd of Octomber 2019. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, a fine of Rs. 25,000 and a compensation of Rs. 200,000.

L.W. Kimmudiyanse was the culprit in this corruption case. He was indicted by the Ratnapura High Court for abusing the girl between 20.11.2009 and 19.11.2010.

This is an indication that the victims of various crimes and abuses have been subjected to various forms of justice in Sri Lanka due to the long delays in the courts of Sri Lanka. The young woman made a special statement in court, saying that she was suffering during this time and that she was greatly distressed and embarrassed.

According to a report submitted by Supreme Court Judge Bawaneka Aluvihare, the average time taken to finish a criminal case in Sri Lanka is about 15 years. Former Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva had stated that 96% of the criminal cases filed by the Attorney General could not be prosecuted.

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