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A petition to the President requesting to hold investigations & judicial procedings on Saman Thilakasiri’s murder case, impartially and quickly

A petition has been forwarded to His Excellency President by the people  requesting to hold  the investigations and conduct the judicial proceedings quickly  and impartially on the murder case of E.K. Saman Thilakasiri who  lived in  Hatharawana  Palama, Moragahapallama, Inginiyagala. He was arrested by three  officers of  Inginiyagala police station ,on 21st February 2010  and had  died while he was being taken to the police station.

The 1st   memorial ceremony   was  held on   25th  January,  at the Inginiyagala, Moragahapallama Maha  Vidyalaya’s  hall  and after  the function the petition to be sent to His Excellency President  was singed    by the people of the area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Along with this petition  a letter also was sent to the President by the brother of Saman Thilakasiri, Mr.A.R.Karunarathne  stating that the murdered brother was a father of two  children and was a hardcore member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party like  us.  He actively participated towards the victory  of the party at every election.  Also he stood up against any anti  social activity  and  at that time worked  against a wrong timber deal in which the Inginiyagala  police also had connections.  Later the police had made   a  false  allegation  against my brother connecting him to that timber deal.                                                                                                                                            

Meanwhile in several occasions the O.I.C. of the police station had  got down  my brother to the police station and has threatened him and had told that he would pay Rs. 30000/-to my brother,  if he  would plead  guilty for the charges. After my brother’s death  we  found all those details which had been noted down by him in his hand writing.                                                                                                             

Due to these reasons, I believe that the death  of my brother is a murder   and although one  year    has  elapsed,  there was no  impartial investigation done regarding  this incident.  The  preliminary investigation  is proceeding  under the case Number B/6802 , before the Magistrate of Amapara.

Myself, all  our relations and all  the villagers at this function  of the  1st memorial ceremony                       of  my brother’s death , request you to pay your honorable attention  and arrest the murderers responsible for  my brother’s death and  to hold  an impartial investigation  through the Crime Investigation Buro , and conduct the case hearings on this without any delay and to establish the protection of myself and my family.

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