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An armed gang in a white Van without number plates abducts a father of two children in Puttalam

On the 28th of February 2008, at about 11.30 in the night  an armed gang  in a white van without   number plates has abducted  48 year old Thamby  Marikar Fais  a father of two children.

According to his wife ,while they were sleeping  some one had shouted by her husband’s name ,when  inquired they  said from police and was asked to open the door. Two persons in police uniform and another in civil got inside the house and  had pulled Fais by his hand  and had told him  to dress up and come with his identitiy card. Then  Fais put on a shirt  and went outside with his identity card.  When the wife asked them where they are taking him one officer in uniform had  said Wanathavilluwa Police Station.

On the following morning  when  Victim’s brother in law  went   to the Police Station,he had seen   Fais inside the white van without the  number plate.   Police had warned  Fais’s brother in law not to interfere and   had chased him.  Vicitms ‘ wife too had gone to the Police Staton .  In her absence ,a person in civil ,identifying himself as a  CID Officer  had come to the house of the victim and had inquired  from the children  about the victim.

On the 3rd of March victim’s brother  had gone to Wanathavilluwa Police Station  and had inquired about the victim. Then the Police had told him that Fais is connected to LTTE and had been sent to Colombo.

Since  Wanathavilluwa  Police refused to take down the entry  Inspector General of Police  has been informed in writing.

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