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Asantha Aravanda who was made known by the divisional Journalists and Pitbeddara police station as a criminal was acquitted from the charges and was released

Asantha Arvinda of Madawalamula, Baddegma road, Galle, aged 24, cook by profession was acquitted from the forged charges  in the case filled against him by the Pitabeddara police station and was released.  The Human Rights Commission  concluding their investigation of the human rights case filled by   Asanka,s  father,  has reached to the  observations-  that the clause 12 (1) of the Sri Lankan Government’s constitution has been violated, Rupees five thousand should be paid to the victim by the 9 police officers and a copy of their investigation was sent to the Inspector General of police for taking the disciplinary actions against the involved police officers

On 28th February,2008   Asantha  Arvinda together with his friend Prabath Chaminda was going by a motor bike to a  house of Asantha‘s  relations in Pitbeddara,. On  their way to the relations, the side glass of the bike has been slightly touched with the hand of  the truck driver who was crossing the road after getting  down from the truck which had been  parked on the road. The two parties have argued on this matter and  after that  all have been dispersed. Later, the truck which came very fast has followed the motor bike by which they were going and  has knocked down the motor bike  and gone over it.                                                                                                                                           

Due to this incident  the rider at the back had got injured severely  and the bike had been seriously damaged.  At that time the truck driver who has got  scared had run away and had come to that place  later with the police and has assaulted  the injured rider inhumanly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                After that Aravinda had shouted requesting for some  water and at that time the truck driver had  poured some liquid from a bottle into a cup and had poured it into the mouth of Aravinda. Understanding the liquid as  acid, he had thrown it away from his mouth  but the truck driver has thrown the remaining acid in the cup on  to Aravinda’s face. As a result of this acid throwing, Asantha’s left eye and the left side of his face has been burnt.

After that both persons (Asantha and his friend) have been  taken to the Pitabeddara police station and  have assaulted after  hanging them. During that night, the truck driver had brought several bottles of arrack. After some time  the truck driver under the influence of liquor came with the O.I.C,  entered  to the police cell  and assaulted inhumanly  and  poured arrack into the wounds of the two people. After that at about 2.00 a.m. injured  persons in the cell  have been bathed by throwing buckets of water into the cell. They had been kept in the police cell for 2 days without any treatment  or food.  Later Asantha who was in  a critical condition was admitted to the Morawaka hospital, later transferred to Matara hospital and  after a few days to the Colombo eye hospital. After taking residencial  treatments for 4 months , due to the bad condition of his left eye, it was removed.  Eye Specialists had stated  that the delaying of treatment is the cause for the removal   of the eye.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The O.I.C of Pitabeddara police also denoted  Aravinda  as a notorious  criminal and after taking money from Aravinda’s father, the O.I.C has hold a media conference  gathering  the divisional media journalists  and has entangled Aravinda into 6 cases of false allegations   and has published them in the media through  their media friends. . 

When  searching  the reason for this connection  of O.I.C  with  the truck driver,  it came to light the facts that the truck driver was a timber dealer in that area  and he has supplied  timber when the  O.I.C was building his house  and also has helped at the funeral of the O.I.C’s wife and that person has borne a well amount of expense for it.

Later, according to a complaint made by Asantha’s  father, an A.S.P. of Matara has taken a statement from the said   O.I.C  and because of a sudden heart attack which occurred  at that time, the O.I.C was taken to the hospital and on the way to the hospital he had died.                                                                                

 Now Asantha Aravinda has been acquitted and released from 4 forged cases made by Pitabeddara police station. But  cases  with regard to the forged charges of  keeping fire arms and bombs are still going on.

 As a result of Asantha’s farther’s continuous pressure   Pitabeddara  police  has filed 2 cases against the truck driver for the offense  of  not  preventing an  accident, and  for  throwing acid. .                                                         

 And also Asantha Aravinda has filed a case in theMatara district court, against the police officers of the Pitabeddara police, demanding a compensation of Rupees 10 million    and also  a human rights violation case in the high courts against 12 officers of the same police.    

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