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C I D Says Nilantha Lukshman is not under our custody

Mr. Nilantha Lukshman who lived in Mundalama, Kiriyankalliya  was a father of two children.  He was transporting coconut branches to Vaunia region in rented lories and brought back what he could from there to Puttalam area.  Nilantha Lukshman had worked as a lorry driver for a businessman called Nathan before starting his own enterprise.  The businessman Nathan too was kidnapped by a white van two months before Nilantha was kidnapped.  Nilantha Lakshman was kidnapped by a white van near his business premises at Kiriyankalliya junction at about 6.30 p.m  on 10th March 2009.

 Nilantha Lakshman’s wife has made a complain under Number CIB- 121/70 in Mundalama Police station on this kidnapping.  When inquired continuously on this kidnapping Mundalama police officers have said that Nilantha Lakshman was not taken by any police station, and that they suspect that some other illegal organization could have taken him.

As the investigations conducted by the Mundalama police could not be trusted, Nilantha Lukshman’s wife who was thoroughly upset with anxiety over this disappearance  has complained about this kidnapping to the Human Rights Commission, National Police Commission, Solicitor General and to the Commission of the Disappeared.

Human Right  Commission has informed in writing  to her that they are conducting investigations on the complaint made on 10/06/2009, on the kidnapping of Nilantha Lakshman by a white van.  To have a further discussion on this matter she was requested to  appear before the Human Rights Commission on 16th March 2010..  A further request was made to her to be present on 31st January 2011.  At this time she was informed by the investigating officer that anyone called Nilantha Lakshman is not in the custody of the CID., as was informed by the CID

 This officer has further stated that complaints of this nature by White  Vans and by another ways on disappearance  of about 800 people are recorded in the Human Rights Commission and that most of  these disappeared are Tamils.

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