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Dankotuwa Police shoots at M.P.’s Vehicle and kills his security

On the 23rd of October 2008, K.S.Ajith Prasanna Peiris, son of Mrs.Bandara Menike, a resident of Mellawa , Lihiriyagama, was shot dead by  six Police Officers attached to Dankotuwa Police Station.  At the time of death   Ajith Prasanna was serving   Parliamentarian Mr.Weerakumara Dissanayke, as his personal security.

The previous day, the 22nd October Ajith Prasanna had gone to Mohottimulla to see his fiancée.   On the 23rd of October Mrs. Bandara Menike, heard over the radio news, regarding a shooting at Mohottimula involving a Ministry of Parliament.  As she was inquisitive to get more   information she had telephoned   Ajith Prasanna’s friend Dilip. 

Mrs. Bandara Menike got the news that Ajith had been shot and admitted to Dankotuwa hospital.  At about 12.00 mid night she had gone to Dankotuwa Police Station with some others to give a statement.
While she was waiting at the Police Station she over heard a telephone conversation regarding a police shooting and the death of Ajith.

There had been a dispute between Ajith and another person, Gimhana from Mohottimulla over the intended marriage of Ajith Prasanna and his fiancée.
Police had come to arrest Ajith.   Parliamentarian .Weerakumara Dissanayake had come to the scene and with the permission of the Police Officers had agreed to hand over Ajith   at the Police Station and had taken Ajith in M.P.’s vehicle to Dankotuwa Police Station.

While M.P’s vehicle was moving Inspector Lakruwan had shot at the vehicle killing Ajith Prasanna.
Mrs.Bandara Menike had complaint this incident to Inspector General of Police and Human Rights Commission requesting an inquiry.

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