Educational Session and Legal Clinic

 - July 10th, 2020 - 

Right to Life Human Rights Centre along with Human Rights First Aid Centre in Hambantota had a discussion on current human rights trends and a specially an increase of torture in the world which affects Sri Lanka as well on 9th of July 2020.

And an education program was held to make the Human Rights Friendly members has been given an advance education on Human Rights as well on how better we can cater human rights violations and support the victims to seek for justice

After that Legal Consultation was held at the same day to cater the cases of human rights violations that the Centre has faced in the recent past. The Legal Consultation was help with the accompaniment and support of Right to Life Human Rights Centre.



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මැයි 09 පොලීසිය බැරියර් ඉවත්කර ඒ අයට එන්න ඉඩ දුන්නා | Senaka Perera | may 9

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