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Empowering Human Rights Defenders: Training Program in Vavuniya

In Vavuniya, a recent training program empowered a diverse group of young individuals, ranging from university students to civil society volunteers, to become effective human rights defenders. Organized by Green Vision Social Service Organization in collaboration with Right to Life Human Rights Centre, the program aimed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills.

During the sessions, participants delved into the complexities of human rights laws in Sri Lanka, uncovering critical loopholes that affect the protection of rights. One participant highlighted the gaps in current legislation, emphasizing the urgent need for informed advocacy.

The training not only provided theoretical insights but also practical tools to navigate these legal intricacies. Participants learned strategies to support individuals facing human rights violations effectively. This initiative marks a significant step towards fostering a more just society in Sri Lanka.

Looking ahead, the establishment of a Human Rights First Aid Centre in Vavuniya promises to further support these efforts. It is envisioned as a crucial resource in promoting a torture-free Sri Lanka, providing immediate assistance to those in need.

The program’s success underscores the commitment of young Sri Lankans to uphold human rights principles and advocate for positive change in their communities.

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