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Former Surgeon Convicted for Injuring Nurse in Kurunegala Teaching Hospital Operating Room

In a recent ruling, Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge Mr. Bandula Gunaratne found former surgeon Ashoka Wijemann guilty of injuring a nurse with scissors in the operating theater of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital. The incident, which occurred around March 12, 2019, led to a case filed under Section 314 of the Ceylon Penal Code at the Chief Magistrate’s Court.

Chief Magistrate Bandula Gunaratne emphasized that surgeons should not act out of anger and must uphold discipline and restraint in their duties. He also informed the plaintiff nurse, Mrs. Madavi Budhika, that she has the option to file a compensation case against the defendant surgeon in the district court if needed.

The case was brought forward with the support of police officers and lawyer Keerthi Dunusinghe, who represented the nurse’s rights. The accused surgeon, who was working at Kurunegala Teaching Hospital at the time, is now serving as a surgeon at Gampaha General Hospital.

Additionally, the Right to Life organization initiated a fundamental rights case in 2019 related to this incident, and a final judgment date has been scheduled. The organization remains committed to seeking justice for the aggrieved nurse.

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