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Freedom House Unveils Global Report on Democracy Challenges in 2024

In a highly anticipated virtual event on February 29, 2024, Freedom House launched its flagship report, “Freedom in the World 2024: The Mounting Damage of Flawed Elections and Armed Conflict.” This annual report has been a critical barometer of political rights and civil liberties globally since its inception in 1973.

The event, conducted on Zoom from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM ET, featured a presentation of key findings from the report, shedding light on the challenges faced by democracies worldwide. A distinguished panel, comprising notable figures, explored the implications of the report’s revelations and discussed the current state of democracy.

Speakers at the event included:

  • The Hon. Jane Harman, Co-Chair, Freedom House Board of Trustees
  • Wendell L. Willkie II, Co-Chair, Freedom House Board of Trustees
  • Michael J. Abramowitz, President, Freedom House
  • Anne Applebaum, Author and Historian
  • Richard Atwood, Executive Vice President, International Crisis Group
  • Moises Naim, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Yana Gorokhovskaia, Research Director, Strategy and Design
  • Adrian Shahbaz, Vice President, Research and Analysis

The report, available for public access on freedomhouse.org from February 29 at 12:01 am EST, delves into the growing challenges posed by flawed elections and armed conflict to democracy across the globe. Freedom House aims to provide crucial insights into these issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the current global political landscape.

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