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Gampola Human Rights First Aid Center Inaugurated for a Stronger Commitment to Human Rights

In a significant step towards promoting human rights, the Gampola Human Rights First Aid Center officially opened its doors during a ceremony attended by key figures in the field. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Mr. Philip Dissanayake, Executive Director of the Right to Life Human Rights Center, marked a crucial moment for the cause.

The event saw the presence of Mr. Gamini Ratnagunasena, the dedicated coordinator of the Gampola Human Rights First Aid Center, and various human rights activists who actively contribute to the cause. Their collective efforts aim to provide essential support and assistance to individuals in need, furthering the commitment to uphold and protect human rights in the community.

The establishment of the Gampola Human Rights First Aid Center represents a commendable initiative in the ongoing pursuit of a society that values and safeguards the rights of all its members. The ceremony’s attendees expressed optimism about the positive impact this center will have on promoting a culture of human rights awareness and advocacy in the region.

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