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Harsha in Courts for 10 years for a crime which he did not commit!

Right to Life Human Rights Centre got to know about an incident of arrested of a man who looks similar to the culprit who is issued an warrant by the courts foe keeping  illicit liquor and the Ja Ela police has arrested and is imprisoned him for more than 10 years and was produced in courts.

33 year old Handapangodage Harsha a resident of Visakawatte, Ja-Ela faced this disaster. He made a complaint to the Gampaha district human rights first aid center.

The Ja-Ela police have arrested Harsha on 23 June 2016 or on a date closer to 23rd, reside at Koraneriyawatte in Ekala Ja-Ela for possessing 10800 grams of Goda and utensils for producing illicit liquor. He was produced in Negambo courts and was released on two person guarantee bail on 29. July 2006. He has not appeared in courts when the case was heard and on 15 November 2006 courts issued a warrant to arrest Saman Kumara.

On 25 July 2009 Ja Ela police officers had come to Hadapangoda Harsha’s house and arrested him. The complaint was that he brought some equipment needed to produce illicit liquor and gave to  a suspect of the case who was on bail.

But when he went to the police station the police had produced him as Harsha Kumara and the warrant was called back. Since then the Ja-Ela police has created the environment to produce him in courts as the suspect. The real suspect is also living in the area but the police have not arrested him and they have filed complaints against Harsha. He is a machine operator in a private company and a father of three children. He said though he tried his best to get out of this case the police rejected all instances and he has spent over four hundred thousand rupees in vain for this case so far.

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