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New Human Rights First Aid Center Opens in Sandivali, Batticaloa

In a significant move towards strengthening human rights support in rural areas, the Right to Life Human Rights Center, in collaboration with the Rural Development and Planning Organization, has inaugurated the Human Rights First Aid Center in Sandivali, located within the Batticaloa District. This pioneering initiative marks a crucial step in making essential human rights assistance accessible to the communities most in need.

The new center is the result of a joint effort by committed staff from both organizations, pooling resources and expertise to offer immediate support for human rights issues faced by individuals in the region. The facility is equipped to provide guidance, legal aid, and emotional support to those encountering human rights violations, acting as a beacon of hope for the marginalized and underserved populations in rural areas.

The collaboration between the Right to Life Human Rights Center and the Rural Development and Planning Organization signifies a landmark partnership aimed at fostering a safer, more equitable environment for all. By situating the center in Sandivali, the organizations underscore their commitment to reaching out to remote communities, ensuring that the rights and dignities of individuals are upheld and protected.

As the Human Rights First Aid Center begins its operations, it promises not only to address immediate human rights concerns but also to educate and empower individuals and communities about their rights and the means to protect them. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication in the ongoing struggle for human rights and justice.


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