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ist of recommended written and video materials about the events at Mullivaikkal

This is a compiled list of recommended written and video materials about the events at Mullivaikkal and during the final stages of the civil war.

Please be aware that all these resources contain distressing accounts and images.

  1. Still Counting the Dead, a harrowing account of the final stages of the war by Frances Harrison
  2. Stories of Resilience: Mullivaikkal, a collection of stories from survivors by Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research
  3. In a Time of Burning, an anthology of poems by Cheran Rudhramoorthy
  4. Vanni, a graphic novel by former UN staffer Benjamin Dix
  5. Remember May 2009, a timeline of the final 5 months of the civil war
  6. A set of dossiers on Sri Lankan military leaders, by the International Truth and Justice Project
  7. The 2015 Report of the Investigation on Sri Lanka, by UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights
  8. Sri Lanka: Finding Father Francis, a BBC documentary about a disappeared Tamil Catholic priest, directed by Louise Adamou.
  9. No Fire Zone, a documentary about the attacks on civilians in 2009 by director Callum Macrae
  10. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, a 2011 documentary featured on the UK-based Channel 4, by director Callum Macrae
  11. Documentaries by 47 Roots on mass disappearances in the final phase of the war and the ongoing struggle of the families of the disappeared.
  12. collection of stories from Tamil survivors by Brahmi Jegan
  13. Sri Lanka’s Secrets, detailing Sri Lanka’s brutal 2008-9 military offensive, by Trevor Grant
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