Murder in the Mahara Prison…

 - June 25th, 2020 - 

The wattala Magistrate has ordered to Ragama Police to take actions to protect Bandula Liyanarachchi, who is the  eyewitnesses of the assassination of Isuru kavinda, at the Mahara Prison.

Isuru Kavinda, who lived in Kadawatha died on May 3rd at the Mahara Prison. Prison officials informed Public  that he died when he tried to escape from the prison. However, another intimate called, Bandula Liyanarachchi, had seen how Isuru was beaten and killed. He was willing to make a statement, but he was avoiding by prison officials. After Attorney at law Senaka Perera had reported facts to the Magistrate Court, the Magistrate had ordered the eyewitness to produce   the court on 19th June. After he was produce to the Wattala Magistrate Court on  19th of this month and he had made an eyewitness statement to the Magistrate.

The Magistrate has ordered the Ragama police to protect him because he is an important evidence in this case.

Attorney-at-Law Senaka Perera said that this crime will be easy to disclose in the future.  He also pointed out that sometimes false information was provided by prison officials.  As a result, many tortures and crimes have gone into hiding.



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