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Pamunugama police trying to sweep Anne Ranaweera incident under the carpet.

Sept. 2nd at the Human Rights Commission it was revealed that a catholic priest has signed the documents consenting Anne Ranaweera would like to settle the case. She was arrested by the Pamunugama police alleging that she is running a massage center in guise as a traditional ayurvedic centre.

Last 12th some police officers attached to the Pamunugama police station had come to the Ayurvedic centre by force where Anne is practicing as a native ayrvedic doctor as well as a freelance journalist for the Gnartha Pradeepaya newspaper and asked for the registration certificate of the ayruvedic centre.

she has inquired the police regarding the forceful entry to her house and they have told they received complains regarding her and thus they wanted to search the house. Anne and her mother were tortured and treated in a cruel and degrading way and taken to the police station. on the 19th a complain was made to the Human Rights Commission that even after taking Anne to the Pamunugama police station in front of the Police Inspector and Father Sixtus Kurukulasooriya a sub inspector hit her with a cushioned iron chair.

An inquiry was made against this complain yesterday and a few officers including the Pamunugama Police Inspector appered.

They have told the Commsion that the incident of searching Anne Ranaweera’s house was settled. The police has produced the complain book and it was revealed that Farther Sixtus Kurukulasooriya has signed on behalf of the complainer and it was not Anne Ranaweera’s signature. The Human Rights Commssion said since a thrid party has signed it is done out of the police procedures and thus it is problematic. 

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