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Pitabeddara Police Torture Case

Pitabeddara Police Torture Case

Personal details of the victim

The victim name is Dodampe Gamage Asantha Aravinda, 25years old from Pitabeddara of

Galle district of Sri Lanka who is a businessman & married person.


On the 28th of February 2008, Dodampe Gamage Asantha Aravinda and a friend of him left

to Pitabeddara, Southern province, by the victim’s motor bike and they were met an accident

with a lorry. After, the victim had an argument with the lorry driver, and they left the place.

Thereafter, the victim’s bike was chased by the lorry driver and at one point the lorry driver

deliberately collided his lorry with the motor bike. As a result, the victim and his friend fell

with the bike and his friend was seriously injured. Then, OIC, Pitabeddara Police station,

came to the crime scene with the police officers. After arriving there OIC and Police officers

started assaulting the victim and his friend without having any reason. While the victim was

being beaten by the OIC and police officers, he pleaded some water from the police officers.

At the time the lorry driver brought a cup which contained a liquid and opened the victim’s

mouth and poured the liquid into the victim’s mouth. The victim quickly realized the liquid

were acid and he throwing up the chemical? At the time the lorry driver threw the remaining

chemical in the cup to the victim’s face and as a result of that the victim’s face and his left eye

were burnt. Thereafter, the victim and his friend were taken to Pitabeddara police station and

at the police station their hands and legs were tied up and they were assaulted again by the

police officers. They had been detained in the police station for two days. On the 01st of

March 2008, they were taken to Morawaka hospital and then they were transferred to Matara

hospital. Due to acid attack, the victim’s left eye got damaged and later he lost the sight of

that eye completely.

Steps we have taken

The victim’s father was told by one of his friends about R2L. That friend came to our office

and given the information about the incident. Complaints were prepared and sent to Human

Rights Commission, National Police Commission and Inspector General of Police. We

explained the victim about his rights and the necessary actions to be taken. A Fundamental

Right case has been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (SCFR 26/2009).

Current Situation

On the 02nd of August 2016 the judgment was given by the Supreme Court. Court states

that, OIC attached to Pitabeddara Police station had violated the Fundamental Rights of the

victim. The Court ordered to State and Inspector General of Police to pay Rs.200, 000 compensation to the victim

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