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Proposals of the Journalists for Rights for a National Media Policy

Journalists for Rights, a rights-based journalists’ trade union and civil society organization affiliated with the Right to Life Human Rights Center submitted a set of proposals to the Committee for Development of National Media Policy in Sri Lanka. Ministry of Media

Sri Lankan Ministry of Media under the patronage of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is conducting a series of consultations with the aim of developing a National Media Policy.

Following are the proposals of the Journalists for Rights for a National Media Policy:

  1. Enhancing Safety and Protection for Journalists:
    • Establish an effective mechanism for journalists to report threats, harassment, or intimidation without fear of reprisal.
    • Implement effective measures to safeguard journalists from physical attacks and violence while carrying out their duties.
    • Foster a culture of respect and protection for provincial journalists within media organizations and among government officials.
  2. Ensuring Fair Compensation:
    • Implement a standardized wage structure that ensures fair and equitable compensation for journalists based on their experience, skills, and qualifications.
    • Guaranteeing fair pay for Provincial Journalists through solutions customized for their working conditions.
  3. Professional Development and Capacity Building:
    • Organize regular training workshops and seminars for provincial journalists to enhance their skills in reporting, writing, editing, and digital media.
    • Provide opportunities for provincial journalists to participate in mentorship programs.
    • Facilitate access to resources and support for provincial journalists to pursue further education and professional development.
  4. Improving Working Conditions and Ensuring Work-Life Balance:
    • Promote a culture of work-life balance within media organizations, recognizing the unique challenges faced by provincial journalists.
  5. Enhancing Representation and Participation in Decision-Making:
    • Increase the representation of provincial journalists in decision-making bodies within media organizations, professional associations, and relevant government bodies.
    • Establish regular forums and platforms for provincial journalists to voice their concerns, share ideas, and contribute to policy discussions.
    • Encourage media organizations to actively seek input and perspectives from provincial journalists when making editorial decisions and content development.
  6. Promoting Gender Equality and Diversity
    • Implement measures to address gender disparities in the media sector, ensuring equal opportunities for women and girls to pursue journalism careers.
    • Promote gender-sensitive reporting practices and encourage provincial journalists to cover issues related to women’s rights and empowerment.
    • Create a supportive and inclusive environment for women journalists in the media sector.
  7. Supporting Community Media and Grassroots Journalism:
    • Provide funding and support to community media initiatives and grassroots journalism projects in rural and underserved areas.
    • Foster collaborations between provincial journalists and community media outlets to strengthen local journalism and amplify community voices.
    • Advocate for policies that promote the growth and sustainability of community media in Sri Lanka.
  8. Addressing Digital Divide and Access to Technology:
    • Bridge the digital divide by providing access to affordable and reliable internet connectivity for journalists.
    • Equip journalists with necessary digital tools and training to enhance their ability to produce and disseminate content online.
    • Promote digital literacy and skills development among journalists to navigate the online landscape effectively.
  9. Ensuring Media Freedom and Protection of Freedom of Expression:
    • Defend the right to freedom of expression and protect journalists from censorship, intimidation, and arbitrary restrictions.
    • Advocate for media reforms that uphold democratic principles and promote transparency and accountability in the media sector.
    • Collaborate with civil society organizations and international bodies to safeguard media freedom and protect the rights of journalists.
  10. Strengthening Collaboration and Solidarity among Journalists:
    • Foster solidarity and cooperation among journalists, breaking down regional and organizational barriers.
    • Establish networks and platforms for journalists to share experiences, exchange information, and support each other’s professional development.
    • Promote unity and collective action among journalists to address common challenges and advocate for their rights.
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