Pugoda District judge says to reconsider the solicitor general’s instructions

 - April 18th, 2011 - 

When The case was called before the Pugoda Magistrates’  Courts the preliminary hearings with regard to  the Murder Case of Mr.David Amarasinghe,  47 years older bachelor , whose  death had been occurred on 14th August 2010, while  in the custody of Kirindiwela  police station , Pugoda Magistrate and the additional district Judge Mr. Aravinda Perera  ordered  to reconsider the advices  given by the Solicitor General , ordering the release the Sub Inspector Kularathne and the Police Constable Luksman Silva who are the suspects of  this case, and  ordered  to remand the suspects  again.     

 It  appears  that some special attention has been given to this case, since  advice has been sent specially for this case leaving all other cases aside which were sent for legal advices, said the judge and ordered to the police to inform to the Solicitor General to reconsider on this case.

 The Complainant’s lawyer, Attorney at Law Mr, Lakshman Dias said that giving special attention to this much published case, while there are  several cases  sent for his advices,  shows the fact that some irregular interference  is made on this case. Also  the progress  so far regarding the case  is, only the  submitting of the post mortem report. Giving  this kind of advices by the Solicitor General, while  there are several evidence including eye witnesses could be  considered as going beyond the law. And the Lawyer requested from the Magistrate to note down his  disagreement  regarding this matter.

 Although the police is saying  that David Amarasinghe has died due to his jumping out from  the jeep while he was taking to the Kirindiwela police station after the arrest, the post mortems report which was submitted to the Courts recently  states   that  the death had been occurred due to the  wounds in the head caused by some  blunt force made on the head.

 This case is called by the court once   in every 2 weeks and the last hearing calling was on  18th March and the next hearing will be 30th March



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