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SLCAT Addresses Human Rights Concerns in Recent Meeting

In a recent gathering on February 13th, the Sri Lanka Collective Against Torture (SLCAT) convened to discuss pressing issues related to human rights violations, with a particular focus on the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and the Yukthiya anti-drugs operation.

SLCAT, formed in 2009 and consisting of 27 organizations working together to combat torture in Sri Lanka, expressed its commitment to evaluating the human rights situation in the country. Philip Dissanayake, a representative of SLCAT, highlighted the organization’s dedication to publishing a comprehensive report this year.

The meeting extensively addressed concerns surrounding the broad definition of terrorism in the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), potential misuse of the law, and the lack of public awareness, especially in the northern regions. Participants also discussed the implications of the Yukthiya anti-drugs operation, touching upon issues like illegal arrests, surveillance, and prison overcrowding.

Concerns were raised about the Rehabilitation Authority Bill, and the meeting stressed the need for collective action. Participants emphasized engaging with political parties opposing the ATA, such as the SJB and TNA. Financial literacy, particularly regarding micro-finance issues affecting numerous families, was also a topic of discussion.

SLCAT members proposed various actions, including legal challenges, issuing statements, and sharing information to raise awareness among activists in the Northern Province. The meeting concluded with a commitment to gathering factual information about PTA arrests and actions under the Torture Act.

Dr. Jehan, a participant, highlighted the ongoing advocacy against repressive laws, underscoring the challenges faced by SLCAT and other NGOs. Sister Deepa from SEDEC expressed readiness to support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their efforts.

As the meeting concluded, SLCAT reaffirmed its dedication to advocating for human rights, pledging to continue working towards the elimination of torture and the promotion of justice in Sri Lanka.

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