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Staff Training Workshop at Right to Life Human Rights Centre

The Right to Life Human Rights Centre recently hosted a dynamic two-day staff training workshop at the picturesque Serendip Stone Bungalow in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The event, which took place on September 28th and 29th, featured insightful discussions and updates on the organization’s core areas of focus.

Members of the Right to Life Human Rights Centre passionately delved into the definition and significance of “Civil Society,” emphasizing its role in fostering positive societal change. The workshop also provided an in-depth look into the current state and future plans of the organization’s media section, highlighting their commitment to advocating for human rights through multimedia platforms.

The legal section of the organization showcased their upcoming activities, illustrating their dedication to the defense of human rights and the pursuit of justice.

The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange, inspiration, and strategic planning, reinforcing the Right to Life Human Rights Centre’s commitment to advancing human rights and social justice in the region.



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