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The imprisonment of a witness of the State for giving false evidence in the high court in Gerard Mervin’s murder case

This witness, a neighbor of the deceased, was named the seventh witness  of the State by the  Attorney General’s Department, after he did give very valuable information about the vehicle which was suspected,  involved in this murder.

But after the cross examination of this witness by the council for the accused, the deputy solicitor general, Mr. Vijith Malalgoda, made an application under sections  153,154 (1)  (11) stating the witness evidence was adverse to the  interest of the State and did apply for permission of the court to cross examine the witness. The permission was granted. When cross examined The DSG pointed out the contradictions of the witness’s evidence between the previous evidence in front of the previous High court judge and now, which were also admitted by the witness. Until the advice is seek from the AG’s department, the witness was remanded for giving false evidence, up to 7th of February.

The next date of Gerard,s murder case will be on 15th and 22nd of February and will be calling  05, 08, and 22 witnesses of the State..

 The case against the first accused, Sub inspector, Makavitage Suresh Gunasena,   under  N0 22 , 1994 Torture act,  Will also be heard on 13th February. Against torturing the deceased before the murder,  is just about to finish.

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