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Urgent Reforms for Timely Justice: Unveiling Victim Experiences and Legal Perspectives

On August 22nd, a press conference was held at the National Library Auditorium, shedding light on a pressing concern – the challenges faced by victims due to prolonged delays in the delivery of justice. The event provided a platform for individuals to candidly discuss the hurdles they’ve encountered within the justice system and advocate for its refinement.

At the forefront of this initiative was Ms. Amitha Priyanthi, the driving force behind the Citizen for Justice Collective. Her determination to address these issues prompted the gathering, where diverse perspectives converged to underscore the need for change.

Among the voices raised was that of Lawyer Dulan Dassanayake, who articulated the legal intricacies that contribute to the sluggish pace of justice. With a deep understanding of the system, he underscored the urgency of streamlining processes to ensure timely resolution.

The event’s significance was further amplified as victims themselves took the stage to share their personal ordeals. Through heartfelt narratives, a victim from the Thihagoda incident and another from the Rambukkana incident recounted the harrowing experiences that underscored the crucial need for a more efficient justice system.

This event marked an earnest attempt to address systemic issues, fostering a collective call for a more responsive and agile legal framework. It served as a reminder that the quest for justice is not just a theoretical concept, but a vital necessity for those who have suffered and waited for their voices to be heard.

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