Facemask issue ?

 - May 10th, 2021 - 

Until the arrival of the corona about masks were needed by the health staff. Once Corona arrived, the whole country needed masks. Due to the increase in the demand for masks, it had to be imported. In the first quarter of last year, 800 tons of masks were imported.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has instructed the Ministry of Environment to ban such imported masks altogether.

This is due to the production of masks in the country. Many factories are currently producing masks. Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says that these masks are the next serious environmental problem for the environment.

1.5 million face masks are released into the environment every day and this will become a serious health and environmental problem in the future, the Minister said.

At present, wearing masks is mandatory and the number of masks that are thrown away per day is also large. Mouth masks can already be seen scattered in various parts of the country



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