You are the one who suffers by beating the child!

 - May 4th, 2021 - 

There are times when parents hit their child or children with a stick or hand.

That is because the child does not do the behavior we expect or does not approve of.

Because we believe that his or her behavior is the last resort that can be used to correct the action, and that we learned it from experience at school or at home when we were little.

Or because we think it’s easier to control a child’s behavior by attacking, and because of the laziness and our attitude toward sacrificing time and time to use other psychological methods!

Second, we have an unreasonable fear that the child will be misled or that he or she will be misled because of the child’s misbehavior.

So as a parent it can sometimes be fair.

Third, the stress of our spouse, relatives, and corporate bosses, economic stress,

Children are often attacked due to certain mental problems and depression that we have.

But there are many parents who are very upset and remorseful after the attack because of the instantaneous impulse in us to control the child’s behavior or on his or her behavior.

In addition, we control the child’s above behaviors through Fear Conditioning.

Healthy children are often active and their behaviors vary from person to person because they have different personalities.

When you hit, the child says, “Please don’t hit mom, don’t hit dad! There are many ways to cry out in fear.

Sometimes fleeing from there, grabs the stick and breaks it in two ..!

Most parents approve of assault,

“We are here because the teachers and parents beat us!” ”

“Western ideas brought by those psychiatrists and psychiatrists are not suitable for Sri Lanka”

“If possible, a method you create without hitting it?” ”

“School boys can’t be made without ගAttar…! ”

We have such opinions

In this situation, the child becomes severely mentally retarded and it directly affects his personality development and creativity !!!

These can sometimes not be said to be unjust because it is an educated practice of us to attack from generation to generation and it has become normalized in the society.

So what can we practice?

1. Explain to the child not to do certain maladaptive behaviors out of love and the consequences of doing so.

Verbal Appreciation or Positive Reinforcement to encourage or encourage good, consistent behavior

E.g., taking to a favorite place of entertainment, giving something like food, toys

Expressing our opposition in words when an inappropriate behavior is committed

“Son, I do not like that”, what you did was wrong!

Or express your grief ..!

“I’m sorry my son did this.”

Children will correct their behavior because they are sensitive and love you ..!

Spend time with them whenever possible! Play, share the joys and sorrows..don’t forget! They understand a lot.

Temporary or permanent removal of an object he enjoys if he does not perform the desired or undesirable behavior, not allowing him to watch the favorite TV show that day (Positive Punishment)

If you are addicted to mobile phone, you can restrict its use and take it into your custody at a specific time of the day ..!

Some children show stubborn behavior due to mental disorders.

Ex: Hyperactive children, Conduct Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other mental and physical disorders

For that you should seek the help of psychiatrists, doctors and psychiatrists ..!

Assault is so ingrained in society that it must be systematically eradicated  so that alternative methods of manipulating and training human behavior can be systematically socialized to produce a generation of children with healthier personalities!



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