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18 year old youngster assaulted

18 year old Anil Chandana Kumara from Galewela is a freelance house to house Salesman, selling various items. On the 7th of October 2008, while he was going back home after work on a motor cycle with one of his friends, they had collided with another vehicle at Wennappuwa. Unfortunately the driver of the other vehicle is a relative of one of the police officers of Wennappuwa Police.

He had taken “Police powers” in to his hand and had assaulted Anil Chandana and his friend mercilessly. His related Police officer too had come to the scene and had assaulted Anil Chandana and his friend and had taken them to Wennappuwa Police Station.

Anil Chandana and his friend imprisoned on fabricated charges and were admitted to Prison Hospital, for treatment. Due to seriousness of the situation they were transferred to Negombo Hospital
On the 27th of October 2008, Negombo Hospital Doctors performed an operation on Anil Chandana and is being treated in ward No. 9 at the moment.

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