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Leave granted to proceed with the case against Ratnapura Police Officers who assaulted a Police Officer from another Police Station

Leave to Sue has been granted to proceed with the case filed by Sarath Kumara, a Police driver attached to Agunakolapelassa Police against the Police Officers from Ratnapura Police, who assaulted Sarath Kumara.

Sarath Kumara was returning to Angunakolapelessa after completing his tour of duty at the Esala Perahera in Kandy with some Police Officers. A team of Police Officers from Ratnapura Police too was travelling on the same road.

Police Officers from Ratnapura Police Station had signaled Sarath to stop his cab, and pulled Sarath Kumara and another Police Officer, out of the cab and brutally assaulted on the main road witnessed by ordinary civilian onlookers, all the while reprimanding harshly, using foul language. A false medical certificate was utilized to fabricate charges of drunk driving against Sarath. Now Sarath is terminated.
On the instructions of Sarath Kumara Lawyers Upendra Gunasekara and Upul Kumarapperuma filed the case.

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