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A citizen’s committee to Gampola

A conference was held for the social activists of Gampola area under the theme of the beginning of change was held on October 15 at the Gampola Salvation Army headquarters auditorium.
Philip Dissanayake and Lakshan Fernando (AAT) joined the conference to deliver keynote remarks.

In this conference, many people commented on the need to prepare a future work plan to take the dialogues on human rights to other areas and work for the protection of human rights in the area.

In Gampola area, a citizen’s committee consisting of 12 people had to be appointed to carry out the related activities. The committee will decide to prepare a future action plan to be implemented in the Gampola area and plan future work accordingly.

A Youth Human Rights First Aid Center in Kandy Last August, Gamini Ratnagunasena, the Kandy Coordinator of the Right to Life Human Rights Center, organized a preliminary work on citizenship rights for 60 selected young people in the Kandy district.

Based on the consensus reached there, it was proposed to build a human rights first aid center in Kandy. Accordingly, a one-day training program was held on October 16 at Kandy Bakehouse with a group of 30 people selected from the workshop held last August.

Philip Dissanayake, Dulan Dasanayake (AAT), Lakshan Fernando (AAT) conducted the initial lectures of this work. After this workshop, a group of young people volunteered to establish a human rights first aid center in the Kandy area.

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