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An Assault from Ratnapura Police to Agunakolapalassa Police

It has been reported from Ratnapura Police Station that a Police Driver attached to Agunakolapalassa Police Station, while returning from Kandy in  his cab with four  more police officers inside ,after  special duties  at  Esala Perahara, a Police Cab belonging to Ratnapura Police Station ,overtook the vehicle ,stopped in the middle of the road, four Officers alighted from the vehicle, pulled out the Police Driver and another police constable started  beating  them  inhumanly in the middle of the road  in front of the   passers by uttering raw filth.

Although the victims shouted that they are police officers, still the beating continued.
According to one officer the reason for the assault was for not allowing overtaking.

After that both the driver and the constable were taken to a doctor and taken a report stating that both of them were drunk, and had filed a case on fabricated charges.
Now the Police drivers with a service of 16 years and the constable have been terminated from their services. Four Police Officers who traveled in the cab are testifying that the Police driver was not after drinks.  The victim has given a statement to the Ratnapura Magistrate, that he was not after drinks  and the Ratnapura Officer in charge  assaulted him and  the constable also they were taken to a Private Dispensary  situated about 10 kilometers away from Ratnapura Police Station, while the Govt, hospital was just 1kilometer away from the Police Station.

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