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Sixteen year old school girl assaulted and taken to courts on fabricated charges by Ambalanthota Police Station

On the 1st of September 2008,Madushani Subasinghe,16 year old girl attending Bolana Central School,11th year grade student had been brutally assaulted with a wooden batten on to her legs ,hands and thighs, kept in the Police Station with her sister and her sister’s two children for one whole night,without anything to eat or drink.
As Madushani’s hands were benumbed Police Officers tied two pieces of reepers on to Madushani’s hands with a banian… All these were done without a Woman Police Constable.

On the following day they were taken out and the Police forced Madushani and her sister to seal a bottle and a barrel containing illicit liqueur, with wax… They did this through fear.

In the afternoon they were released on bail. Same day Madushani admitted Hambanthota General Hospital and again to Thangalla Hospital During the period Madushani was in hospital, Police had fabricated a false charge, that she was in possession of illicit liqueur and a case had been filed at Hambanthota Courts.

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