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Bloodiest Week for Journalists in Middle East: RSF Urges Israel to Protect Press Freedom

In a week marred by unprecedented violence in the Middle East, seven journalists lost their lives while carrying out their duties in Gaza and Lebanon. The international organization “Reporters Without Borders (RSF)” has issued a heartfelt plea for an end to these tragic losses and called on the Israeli authorities to halt military actions that contravene international law, endangering civilians and media professionals.

The seven journalists, Issam Abdallah, Mohammed Soboh, Hisham al-Nawajha, Ibrahim Lafi, Mohammad al-Salihi, Saïd al-Tawil, and Mohammed Abou Matar, fell victim to Israeli bombardments or gunfire as they sought to provide vital information to the public. Many other journalists were also wounded in the conflict.

RSF emphasized the essential role journalists play in countering the deluge of disinformation on social media and the critical importance of protecting their safety in the line of duty. The organization pledged to do everything in its power to safeguard journalists in this perilous war zone and called for crucial support to enable concrete actions in their defense.

As the world continues to watch the ongoing situation in the Middle East, the call for press freedom and the protection of journalists has never been more urgent.

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