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Committed Suicide or Murdered

On the 7th of April 2008,  Suren Kinson,a 22year old boy from Pahalagama,Gampaha,was taken to custody.,.According  to Gampaha Police that  the boy had  committed suicide by hanging inside the cell  using his underpants on the 9th April 2008.

Suren Kinson had been brought up by his grand mother, since his mother had left him when he was just two years.  When the grand mother heard that Kinson had been arrested she had gone to the Police Station with  lawyer  Ms.Manel Wickramanyake. The Police had given an assurance that the boy would be released after taking a statement.

On the following morning  since  Kinson did not return his grand mother had gone to the Police Station.  Police Officers had been very nice to her and had asked her whether Kinson  is  mischievous. Then lady had replied if the boy is mischievous why don’t you correct him and give him a job here in the Police Station. Later on the Police had told her that  Kinson had committed suicid,using his underpats.

According to the Lady  there was no any reason for the boy to commit suicide.  At the post-mortem she  had told the Magistrate, who held the post-mortem,that she suspect that the boy had been murdered. On Kinson’s head ,back, right arm, eye brows, and on the forehead , and a wire mark around his neck showed the the boy had been murdered.
 tortured marks and  a wire mark around his neck .

Mystery surrounds Kinson’s death.

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