School Boy Tries to Commit suicide after getting Tortured by an Officer attached to Deniyaya Police Station

 - May 30th, 2008 - 

On the 28th April  on the orders of  Deniyaya Police, Horagalagamage Sumith Chandrakumara, Kotapola in Matara Distric, reports  to  Deniyaya Police Station  with his two sons, Indranieda and Janka Pradeep Kumara.

At the Criminal Investigation Section, Janaka Pradeep Kumara was taken inside along with Ananda, a  resident of the Area.  After about ten minutes thery were broght back.  Then one Officer told Ananda , pointing at Janka Pradeep,”this fellow  has not taken you  It is your responsibility to safeguard your  telephone in the midst of a crowd. It is your carelessness. And we cannot do anything” That moment  S.I Wimalkeerthie had  walked in  and had taken Janaka Pradeep inside saying “Are You the Man?’ and had started assaulting him.

When Mrs Indrani ,Janaka Pradeep’s mother went inside  S.I.Wimalakeerthi ,while assaulting Janka Pradeep had told Mrs.Indrani”Before  I  break his bones  and  produce him at the Courts tomorrow  you had better pay the value of the phone and take him away.”  Against Pradeep’s protests Mrs. Indrani decided to pay Rs.6000/- to  prevent Janaka Pradeep  getting tortured and  to avoid  producing  him at the Courts as  he is still a  school boy..She paid the money when asked for a receipt ,she was threatened.

Janaka was angry with his mother saying that   by paying that money she had  made him a  culprit for a crime  he is not aware of.  Immediately after that he had tried to commit suicide, by swallowing   (16) sixteen Pandols and had tried to jump  from the  top of a building ,luckily  some  people had seen it and had saved  him.

Janaka Pradeep was warded   at Karapitiya Hospital for five days.  He is a worried person and is mentally sick.

Torture is a grave crime.  Torturing a school boy  is worse.  



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