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Devadasan, a political prisoner, has stop his food strike.

Kanakasabey Devadasan alias Nadan, a political prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for the past 10 days, has suspended his protest for the first three weeks as promised by the prison superintendent.

Kanakasabey Devadasan (age 64), a former prison board member of the Sri Lanka Film Corporation, a political prisoner at the New Magazine Prison, has been on a food strike since January 6, demanding bail if the appeal case is not expedited.

His health condition was critical and the protest was adjourned at 10 am yesterday (16) between the Superintendent of Prisons and the Assistant Superintendent and Devadasan with the assistance of the translation.

According to the letter already sent to the Court of Appeal in this regard, he will go directly to the Court of Appeal the next day and request immediate action at the request of Devadasan the next day.

If the court delays this, it is requested to contact the Attorney General’s Office for the next 3 weeks and take appropriate action at his request and inform the Commissioner General of Prisons and if none of this happens, it has been decided to resume the fast.

Kanakasabe Devadasan alias Nadan was sentenced by the High Court in March 2017 to 20 years in prison on charges of aiding, abetting and conspiring to commit suicide at the Fort Railway Station in February 2008.

Among those killed in the attack was D.S. Eight students and their coach were on the Senanayake College baseball team.

The attack was carried out by a female LTTE suicide bomber on the 3rd platform of the Fort Railway Station.

Nadan had taken over the Tamil section on March 25, 2004 until he left on March 8, 2006. He contested for the Western Provincial Council on an NSSP ticket in 1998 and for Jaffna on a United Socialist Party ticket in 2001.

Kanagasabai Devadasan, 63, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Colombo High Court 6194/12 and H.C. 5638/11 sentenced to 20 years and life imprisonment.

He has appealed against the verdict and has sent a letter to the President informing him of the delay in the court proceedings related to his case.

As a result, Devadasan has emphasized in his letter that his right to prove his innocence has been denied in court and that his fundamental rights are being  violated.

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