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Discussion on New Legal Situation on Country and Media – Anamaduwa Human Rights First Aid Center.

A meeting of human rights defenders active in the Puttalam District was held on June 02 in the Anamaduwa area. Nimal Abeysinghe, Coordinator, Puttalam District Human Rights First Aid Center and several Legal and Media Officers of the Right to Life Human Rights Center participated in this program.
An educational program was conducted on the steps to be taken in the event of a violation of fundamental rights as well as the legal aspects of the realization of civil rights, in addition to a preliminary awareness program on the government assistance program currently being implemented in Sri Lanka for low income earners. Among the views expressed by the participants was that there was no proper procedure or specific legal framework in place for low income earners to receive subsidies from this government.
There was also a discussion on the use of new media and the importance of building literacy in the society.
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