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Do not interfere with freedom of expression!

The unions are urging the government to immediately stop suppressing social media activists, respecting the freedom of the public to know and express their views.

Commenting to the media, Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, said: It is a problem if writers who comment on social media and web media are hunted, ”he said.

Joseph Stalin, who was recently arrested by the CID for expressing his views on the current oil crisis, said that the views expressed by Ananda Palitha, the secretary of the Petroleum Workers’ Union, as well as the views expressed by magistrates in court were equally important. Therefore, do not be prepared to hide, trample or suppress information, ”he told to the government.

Batty News photographer Murugapillai Gokuladasan, P, Sulakshan, Muhundan Divanya, Wimal Raj, Shashikaran Pundayamurthy, Nilandan, Vimukthi Dushantha, Thushara Kirundara, Tilak, Wandunarachchi , Including journalists and social media activists, Amila Sandaruwan, Chathura Samarasinghe, Ravindra Mudalige, Dhammika Munasinghe, Indika Vidanapathirana, Sujith Kuruwita, Tampitiye Sugathananda and Galwewa Siridhamma Bhikkun, Chameera Koswatte, Mahim Sandeepan, Udhama Sandeepan, Hansamali Perera, Shehan Gamage, S. Several of the professional, student and mass activists, including Sivayoganathan, have already been imprisoned, while many others are being questioned by state intelligence and police, intimidated or pursued.

The Center for Public Property and Human Rights has written to Public Security Minister Sarath Weerasekara urging him to end the pursuit of arrests of professional and student leaders. Sylvester Jayakody, co-convener of the Center for Public Property and Human Rights, says there has been no response to the letter sent to Minister Weerasekera on August 23.

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